Grandma Asks if 700hp Nissan GT-R "is a Little Like Joey's Car, the Prius?"

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Besides being some of the most caring and loving people you will ever come across in this world, grandmas can also be funny and extremely cool in their own unique way. Place your grandmother in the passenger seat of a Nissan GT-R with more than 700-horsepower and take her for a shotgun ride, and you could end up with this adorable scene.

YouTuber Duskin Terteling explains: "I gave my grandma a ride in my GT-R for the first time and she had no idea I was filming because I hid the camera. Needless to say her reaction was priceless!"

The most memorable moment was when Terteling's grandmother asked him if the GT-R was similar to "Joey's car, the Prius". Well, she soon had the answer to that one – and we don't mean at the gas pump but on the road…