Oddball 1988 Ford Concept GT with Pontiac Fiero Heart and Soul

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Have you ever stumbled across a car that has you scratching your head for any number of reasons, but mostly about its origins? Well, we did when we saw this "1988 Ford Concept 2000 GT" purportedly "built by GM", which allegedly made 13 of them.

Maybe we missed something here, but as hard as we tried, we couldn't find any Ford concepts from the 1980s that resemble the Concept 2000 GT, nor did we discover any Blue Oval studies made by GM. If any of you happen to know otherwise, please do inform us in the comments section below.

What we did see is that, the Ford Concept 2000 GT is clearly based on the Pontiac Fiero, something that's evident from the interior, while some web searching landed us to this snapshot of an article written by Joe Greeves, in which he explains that it's a futuristic kit car conversion made by a one David Tidwell.

Nothing of the sort is mentioned in the seller's description of the car on Web Autos, which you can find after the break. The car itself has 16,000 miles (25,700 km) on the odo and is listed for sale for $22,995 (€17,100).

Seller's Description:

"1988 Ford Concept 2000 For Sale~Prototype Vehicle Built by GM~Only 13 Made!

1988 Ford Concept 2000, Very Rare Prototype, Only 13 Hand Built

In 1988 Ford Built the Concept 2000, There were only 13 made, the bodies built and were installed onto the Fiero platform. This Created a Great Mid Engine Super Car. Unfortunately the Prototype was never brought in to full production. Its powered by a V6 Turbo charged Motor and is very fast & fun

For Sale By Owner & Located in Delray Beach, Florida

Sweeping lines and a high-angle hatchback design characterized the 1987 Ford concept 2000 GT model. It was a marked departure from the traditional look of this make, particularly with its nose-down racing stance."