Ford Demonstrates Remote-Controlled Automated Parking Technology [w/Video]

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In their quest towards autonomous driving, automakers are developing systems designed to make life easier for drivers, with automated parking systems getting attention not only from luxury car manufacturers but from volume automakers as well.

Since parking is a major issue for many drivers, Ford is developing a new automated parking technology that could enable drivers to park with only the push of a button from inside or outside of their car.

Called Fully Assisted Parking Aid, the technology is currently in the prototype phase and controls steering, gear selection, forward and reverse motion in order to allow push-button parking. A benefit of this system, besides the obvious stress relief for some drivers, is that cars could be parked in very tight spaces that don’t offer enough room for doors to open, thanks to the remote-controlled option.

Using existing Ford technologies, such as Active Park Assist and Ford Powershift transmission, the system is capable of parking the car all by itself. Ford has demonstrated the technology to journalists for the first time this week at its proving grounds in Lommel, Belgium, and you can take a look at how the system works in the video presentation below.

By Dan Mihalascu


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