Woman Doesn't Know When to Stop After Early Thanksgiving Binge Drinking

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It's no secret that people tend to drink more and act foolishly during holiday seasons, nor that some choose to get behind the wheel of their cars instead of taking a taxi home or having a designated driver, which brings us to 25-year-old Sally E. Kurgis from Ohio.

The 25-year-old woman led the police on a wild…turkey chase in the early morning hours of Thanksgiving day through Bexley, Ohio, and it was all caught on the dash-cam of a police car.

Kurgis first ran a red light at around 2:00 am and when a police officer attempted to stop her, she just ignored him and drove away before pulling into a residential driveway and ramming into the cruiser three times. The chase continued, but with the help of a few more officers , one of whom pulled a pit maneuver on her, they were able to stop her.

According to MyFoxPhilly, Kurgis is now facing nine charges including felonious assault, failure to stop after a crash, failure to comply, resisting a traffic enforcement official and reckless operation of a motor vehicle.

See the raw footage from the chase in the video below.