Yellow-Finished Mercedes A45 AMG With Body Kit Looks Like Factory Black Edition...

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Mercedes-Benz has neither confirmed nor denied plans to build a Black Series version of its powerful new hot hatch, the A45 AMG.

Perhaps, given its extreme performance as is for the class, there is no need for one, and yet this customized example of a standard AMG model, finished in yellow, sporting a carbon hood really looks as good as a factory model would.

The (Hong-Kong based?) RevoZport kit used is not of the kitschy variety, and Shmee is right in praising it for its looks, we say.

It rides on special Brabus wheels, though, the red calipers kind of peer through from in-between their spokes and would have added to the look if they matched the body or were painted glossy black.

Definitely not a bad way to go if your own A45 and feel it’s not special enough as is for you, as I’m sure you’ll agree once you’ve scrolled down to the video, past the virtual jump, and seen what it’s about.