Japanese Stud or German Dud? Nissan Silvia S15 with BMW 3-Series Face Transplant

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Playing God with the styling DNA of cars is nothing new, with results usually varying from WTF, like this Ford Mustang-faced and Nissan Skyline-assed BMW 7-Series to head-scratchers of the Subaru-BMW-Audi and Nissan 370Z-Porsche Panamera blending kind.

The featured construction in these picture comes from Japanese tuner N-Style. It fuses the face of a BMW 3-Series E46 (facelift) onto the body a Nissan S15 Coupe, which was the last car to bear the Silvia badge, and has this author placing on his mad scientist hat and going "hmmm".

Just throwing my two cents out there, but the Bimmer's muzzle doesn't really seem out of place on the Silvia's body and in fact, I dare say it adds a bit of character to the otherwise bland-looking stock front end of the coupe - from a styling point of view and leaving aside any objections one may have over the process in general.

So, how about you tell us your thoughts in the comments.

By John Halas