Owner Explains the Attraction of Land Rover Defenders

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People who own and drive a Land Rover Defender are not as badly perceived as those who travel in a fancy modern SUV, despite the fact that the environmental impact is probably similar, especially if the Defender in question is fitted with an old diesel engine.

That’s all down to the image that has been created around it over the years, mainly based on its simplicity, go-anywhere promise and the rugged-but attractive look, along with the fact that they tend to be used for what they were made for.

Now, as Land Rover is looking towards the future, there will soon no longer be a place for the Defender in their range. However, as was the case with the Lotus Seven that turned into the Caterham Seven in private hands, I think there will still be demand for them after production will officially end. This could spawn specialists who will sell you a new or totally refurbished one many years after that, only adding the bare minimum of extra modern touches, depending on customer preference.

If you had any doubts that owners really love and understand what their Defenders stand for, as unlikely as that may be, check out the AutoTrader video posted below. It features James Clark out of Oxfordshire, in the UK, and his worn and battered 1987 model.

By Andrei Nedelea