This Gravity Defying Hoverboard is Purportedly Real…

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I mean, it’s so blatantly fake that it’s funny, but we have to give it to the company HUVr, the creators of this working hoverboard, for the believable manner in which they act out their roles and the high production values involved.

It’s more convincing than the previous one we covered because it’s endorsed by recognizable celebrities this time, Moby, Tony Hawk, as well as Christopher Lloyd who played Dr. Emett Brown in “Back to the Future.”

It also comes with a well done video showing them trying out actual working hoverboards and saying things like “this is really happening” or “can I keep this?” or “once I got on it, it felt natural.”

After doing some digging around, we learn that it’s clearly some kind of publicity stunt promoting… something; it could be anything in the world, really, except the so called board that supposedly hovers.

The video is posted below for our amusement, and the only thing that’s left to do is to figure out why they went to all the trouble of creating this delightfully-CGI-enhanced ad? What are they trying to sell?

By Andrei Nedelea