Who Are the Night Wolves Biker Gang, and What Business do they Have in Ukraine?

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One would think that, after the Iron Curtain fell around the year 1992, the old ways of Russia would have died along with it, or at least be watered down significantly enough, since it was so visible that they were not at all aimed at progress, but rather towards a complete eventual enslavement of the people through extreme equality.

The fall put many countries that sat at the historic border between East and West under a lot of pressure to choose sides, and as the recent events that have unfolded in Ukraine reveal, that process is still ongoing, very brutal and still swept under the rug.

Now, to make sure Russia’s foothold in the Crimean peninsula (home to the Autonomous Crimean Republic) is as firm as ever, the renowned leader of a Russian biker gang called the Night Wolves recently touched down in the region’s capital, Simferpol.

Alexander Zaldostanov apparently went there to back up the masked groups of heavily armed men that had already occupied the important official buildings, doing so without stating their motives outright. It’s clearly a sign that Ukrainian law is no longer in effect there, and Zaldostanov (who is known for his nationalist mentality and ties to Putin and goes by the nickname “the Surgeon”) responded to a sort of call to arms for the Motherland.

However, he did not ride into town followed by a large gathering of bikers, waving a big Russian flag – that would have probably been a bit too much like the Middle Ages when all it took is a show of force to scare the peasants into their homes for weeks. It was back in 2012 that he came to the peninsula on an official visit and then he actually did ride around the area and the town.

Ukraine is not the only country visited by the Night Wolves clan, as it reportedly held meetings in Romania, Serbia, Bosnia, Estonia, in order to “promote Slavic pride” in the areas, according to this Time World article, despite the fact that not all of those countries are natively-Slavic, and Russia in particular has a history of having come in to impose its rules against the will of these peoples whose identities were oppressed for decades.

Now Russia is using the same ol’ intimidation tactics, unjustified troop deployments and image stunts such as this whole biker malarkey, instead of finally coming into the modern world with everybody else, and by that I don’t mean an EU kind of mentality, but something for the average Joe (or Sergey, in this case), not for the leaders…

We sincerely hope this all ends one way or another, and its sole purpose should be bring about a more open Ukraine that can be visited by more outsiders (regardless of the color it eventually ends up having), even those who, like us, like cars and twisty mountain roads, which the country has quite a few of, thankfully in the more west-friendly part located right above Romania (the one where Ukrainian-speakers from the majority).

Now, do scroll down and check out what these Night Wolves meetings look like and feel free to share any additional details that would help make this article more informative.

By Andrei Nedelea

Story References: Youtube, RT, Time World