1992 Acura NSX with 2,209 Miles Looks as Good as New [82 Photos]

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No matter how many times we stumble upon barely used, low-mileage examples of decades-old sports cars, it continues to amaze me how some people can hold on to these gems for years on end without driving them.

I forget who said/wrote it, but I remember someone playfully saying that doing so, is like being married to a beautiful woman or man and not going to bed with them to save their purity for their next relationship…

Despite being 22 years old, this 1992 Acura (Honda for markets outside North America) NSX we discovered on eBay has only travelled 2,209 miles (3,554 km) or just a mere 100 miles a year since new! The current owner claims that the car is all-original, and the pictures appear to support that.

The car is listed on eBay with a starting bid of $66,000 and a "Buy it Now" price of $77,000.

eBay Seller's Description:

"I bought the car hoping to keep it for a long long time. I since have made a job change and am liquidating a few things. I acquired this from a local car collector/can am racer/business friend mine. He bought it new in Madison, WI. He drove it to Janesville, WI. Where he cared for it in a climate controlled environment. It has only been driven on sunny days and intentionally only around 100 miles per year.

This car is 100% original and nearly unused. All you would need to do is put the included original window sticker back in the window and back it on to the showroom. It sure would look nice next to a new 2015!

Every item functions perfectly. The car has never been scratched, scuffed, dented in any way. The wheels on this car are absolutely perfect, never curbed, pitted or stained. The tires are the original tires, which do not show any signs of age at all. The A022 tires are no longer made. Power antenna works perfectly. Original tool kit in trunk has never had a piece removed, let alone used."

By John Halas