Ferrari 458 Speciale Takes Castle Combe Circuit in its Stride

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The Ferrari 458 Speciale, the darling of all motoring journalists who’ve had a drive in one, never seems to fail to impress. Everybody is completely won over by how much better it is compared to the regular 458 Italia, all this while being manageable on road and track and still being usable every day… sort of.

The Autocar review featured here is by no means the exception. The car, which is the direct successor to the sought after 430 Scuderia, is taken onto the Castle Combe circuit, where its qualities and differences over the regular 458 become immediately noticeable, much to the delight of reviewer (and previous gen fan) Matt Saunders.

This, like any other supercar that’s worth driving, isn’t done justice by video reviews, no matter how well executed they are. You need to take the wheel, or at least be a passenger in one, in order to understand why they are just so drooled over… All these reviews do is prepare you for the kind of engine sound you’re going to experience, and that’s about it.

By Andrei Nedelea