Watch Three Guys Crash Ferrari California During Test Drive in Maranello

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Clap, clap, clap…great going people and welcome to the internet hall of accident fame! We don't know your names, but thank you for sharing your moment of Zen when you succeeded in crashing a Ferrari California during a test-drive on the public roads of Maranello in Italy…

The oldest version of the video that we could find online dates back a little over a month ago on May 24, 2014, and it shows three young men having a great time with the California's top down on the streets of Ferrari's hometown.

It all went sour at the 3:25 minute mark when the bombastic driver applied too much pressure on the gas pedal while turning into a side street, and well, the car that still had the driver's seat covered in red cloth, received a different kind of facelift than the California T

Hit us up if you happen to know more details about the incident.

By John Halas