New Photos of Lamborghini Asterion, Reportedly a V10 Hybrid with 900PS

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A new set of magazine scans of Lamborghini's mysterious world premiere for next week's 2014 Paris Auto Show has hit the web.

This time, they give us a much clearer view of the Italian supercar believed to be a hybrid named the Asterion after the half-man, half-bull creature from Greek mythology.

From what we understand, these scans that appeared on Forumpro were sourced from Italian magazine Quattroruote and while the question mark remains on whether they're real or an elaborate series of renderings. If it's the latter, we'd say they're probably pretty darn close to the real thing...

The accompanying article purportedly mentions that the Asterion gets a V10 petrol engine and three-electric motors to deliver around 900PS or 888hp.

The official reveal of Lamborghini's new supercar will take place on October 1.

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