John Hennessey Tests Stock 2015 Mustang GT's 0-150MPH Time

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For most people and under most circumstances, the bog-standard 2015 Mustang GT with its 435hp 5.0L V8 is fast enough, but not for all…

John Hennessey, the man behind the Hennessey Performance brand, took a stock Mustang GT for a spin and recorded his impressions before he releases the new HPE600 and HPE700 tuning packages with 620hp and 717hp respectively.

If you skip to the 3:05 mark in the video, you'll see the 0-150mph (241km/h) run he performed, with the GT proving to be fast up until 140mph (225km/h) with a 0-100mph (160km/h) time of 11.2 sec and 0-140mph in 22.5 sec, but its performance dropped considerably after that with the 0-150mph coming in at 49.27 sec.

"It took forever to get to 150mph – I mean forever. Pretty stable though," says Hennessey, who will return with a new video when HP's packages are ready.

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