2017 Mitsubishi Lancer Puts On Brand’s New Styling Language in Render-Land

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It was reported in November that Mitsubishi will source a compact sedan (most likely the replacement for the Lancer) from the Renault Nissan Alliance.

It is not yet clear which brand will provide the donor car, and the name of the model that will be used as a basis by Mitsubishi is also a mystery.

However, a look at Renault and Nissan’s lineups reveals two possible solutions: the Renault Fluence or the Nissan Sentra. While that remains to be decided, the car’s design should allow customers to clearly identify it as a Mitsubishi, which is why Photoshop manipulator Theophilus Chin used styling cues from the brand’s new design language showcased on recent concept cars like the Outlander PHEV Concept S.

I have to say that the renderings are not bad at all and I don’t think many people would mind if the upcoming Mitsubishi Lancer looked like this. Just imagine a sharper looking, more aggressive version of this car – it would make a great Lancer Evo. Unfortunately, a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo XI isn’t likely to happen.

Renderings courtesy of Theophilus Chin