Chrysler's Chinese Partner GAC Debuts GS4 Trumpchi SUV at Detroit Show

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The only Chinese automaker to be represented at the Detroit auto show this week was Guangzhou Automotive Group, Co (GAC), which held the world premiere of the new GS4 Trumpchi.

GAC, which has visited the Detroit show in the past, is the Fiat-Chrysler Group's partner in China where it currently produces the Fiat Viagio and plans to begin manufacturing three Jeep models before the end of 2015.

The GS4 Trumpchi is a compact-sized SUV scheduled to go on sale in China this spring offering a choice of 1.3-liter and 1.5-liter turbocharged gasoline units.

Chinese carmaker's press releases usually put a smile on our face, and GAC is no exception:

"The car hood of GS4 is designed like a flying machine while the body feels like a light sculpture. Its double line of decorative frames adds a new dimension into the notion of 'sporty'".

Speaking at the presentation of the GS4, Wu Song, general manager of GAC Motors said:

"The debut of GS4 at the North American International Auto Show will mark a milestone in GAC Motor’s history because it shows that our products have met the international standards. The high-performance SUV is indeed a representative of China’s own-brand vehicles which are able to compete in the global market."

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