The New Acura NSX Is Just The Halo Car That The Brand Needed

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You can't say "finally" enough when describing the 2016 Acura NSX. It's finally... been shown in production form.

OK, so it's not quite in dealerships yet, but the concepts that have been trotted around the world's auto shows for years now have finally given way to something people looking at a $150,000-or-so sports car can actually buy later this year.

And it's the first Acura in recent memory that is a genuine looker. They've finally made their shield design theme work. It's got more than a hint of Ferrari in the overall shape, which also means certain angles are also reminiscent of the new Ford GT that was shown a couple hours before. For Acura, though, this is just a stunning car.

And thanks to that new twin-turbo V6 (the new 75-degree unit built just for this car) with triple electric motors, it sounds like a performer in a hybrid nerdy kind of way. I like it.

OK, so the interior is awash in traditional Honda/Acura switchgear and doesn't really make a style statement. But that's not the point of the car, even though Acura is adamant about its "Human Support Cockpit," which sounds more like a name for an interior that was made for a driver. Isn't that what a supercar should do?

Acura seems ready to embrace its heritage, now that it's almost 30 years old and actually has stuff to look back on. The NSX isn't a game changer (word of the auto show!) in terms of style, but it proves the company can make a daring-looking car without it being ugly.

Let's see what the rest of Acura can learn from the second NSX.

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