Ferrari California Rendered As Fastback Hardtop

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There wouldn’t really be anything wrong with the Ferrari California’s design, regardless if it’s the new turbo or not, if it didn’t have that slightly disproportionate rump.

It’s not bad by folding hardtop convertible aesthetic standards, but by Ferrari two-door standards it’s not that pretty.

One way to fix that would be to either make it a soft top or hardtop, and one way to achieve the latter would be to turn it into a fastback. Looks pretty good, I think, as exemplified in this rendering by AutoPorojeccoes.

This hypothetical version of the California T would be lighter, stiffer and probably a bit more aerodynamic too. Performance would be up fractionally too, although that’s not as big a problem with the model ever since it was bestowed with its new turbo V8.

Scroll down and check out the rendering posted below.

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