Camaro Z/28 Almost Crashes After Leaving Californian Cars & Coffee

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As the most track-focused road-legal Chevrolet Camaro ever created, the 2014 Z/28 has proven itself time and time again to not only be incredibly enjoyable to drive but also insanely fast on a racetrack.

One of the secrets behind the Z/28's speed are its super-sticky Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tyres and while they're unrivalled when warmed up, they can prove quite precarious when cold and used on the street. The owner of the following gloss black example recently discovered just how twitchy the car can be on the street.

While leaving a Cars & Coffee event in California, the driver decided to show-off to the crowds by speeding away from the parking lot, all while lighting up the rear wheels upon acceleration. Given how sideways the Z/28 can get, the driver was quite restrained and only began accelerating hard when the muscle car was moving in a straight line.

However, after approaching a right hand bend, the Z/28 drives over what appears to be a large patch of dirt or sand on the road. The slippery surface immediately causes the rear wheels to lose traction sending the car right towards the curb.

Thankfully, some opposite lock allowed the driver to escape disaster without any visible damage.