McLaren Begins Work On Limited-Run P1 Carbon Series

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While production of the McLaren P1 recently concluded, a handful of P1s are still at the company's well-known Woking facility, making up the P1 Carbon Series.

The McLaren P1 Carbon Series consists of five previously-delivered P1s which have been returned to McLaren to be retrofitted with exposed carbon fibre body panels. When first announced late last year, it was thought that 20 P1s would make up the Carbon Series but based on information released by Love Cars, just five will be created.

It is believed that customers have had to hand over about $200,000 to McLaren Special Operations to have all the car's body panels replaced with clear-coated carbon fiber parts. Alongside the carbon, this particular example has a selection of bright red accents on the side skirts, rear diffuser, rear wing, rear 'P1' badge and the front splitter.

It isn't yet known if all five examples of the P1 Carbon Series will have these red elements or if they'll be nothing but carbon fiber. Evidently, this example isn't a U.S-spec car, but there's a good chance at least one P1 residing in the U.S. will be outfitted with the custom body.

Beyond the new carbon fiber parts, each of the five P1s in question will remain identical to the other 370 delivered. That means power comes thanks to a twin-turbo 3.8-liter V8 engine mated to an electric motor.

Images via Love Cars