Lamborghini Huracan Superleggera Can Run, Not Hide

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Our spies caught Lamborghini testing a strange-looking, angrier-than-usual sounding Huracan on snowy roads.

After the false alarm a few months ago, where a souped-up Huracan was spied during a photo-shoot only find out that it was a tuned example from Novitec Torado, this is finally the real deal.

We expect the new Superleggera (or whatever exotic name Lamborghini chooses for this one) to be traditionally lighter and with the engine churning out a bit more power. The final production model should also carry a much more aggressive aero kit.

What we know for sure is that the upcoming hardcore Huracan will feature a new exhaust system with the tailpipes coming out higher in the center portion of the rear bumper.

That’s right, that ugly box in the back is nothing else than Lamborghini’s try to mask them from our spies. Well, it was a dead giveaway. This, and the sound emanating from the louder V10.