Hot New Ford Fiesta ST200 Stretching Its Legs On A Closed Course

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It may not be the fully-fledged RS model most were craving, but Ford did the next best thing with the Fiesta ST200.

The Blue Oval released a short video showing the new Fiesta ST200 stretching its legs on a closed track.

The compact hot hatch now makes 10 per cent more power and 20 per cent more torque than before, with the figures reading 197hp and 214lb ft (290Nm) of torque. Using the sorcery of overboost, the new Fiesta ST200 can increase temporarily its figures up to 212hp and 236lb ft (320Nm) of torque for up to 15 seconds.

Ford added a shorter final ratio, a torque-vectoring control system, stiffer and lower by 15mm suspension, a quicker steering rack and bigger rear brake discs among others.

If the standard car was considered a hoot to drive, we can only imagine what this new model will be able to do.