Is This China's Mercedes-Maybach E-Class?

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What local media are reporting as being the long-wheelbase Mercedes-Maybach version of the W213 E-Class, has been nabbed on Chinese roads.

Rather than a standalone brand, Mercedes is using Maybach as an upper-luxury variant body style of existing cars, such as the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class revealed last year.

It will be joined by E-Class and GLS SUV brothers- the latter expected to cross swords with the likes of Bentley Bentayga, BMW X7 as well as Rolls Royce’s SUV in the upper reaches of that market.

The E-Class Maybach, meanwhile is expected to gain 20mm of wheelbase, an extra rear quarter window like its big bro and a similar cabin incorporating four individual seats in lieu of a rear bench.
According to the source, China's Auto.qq, the Maybach E-Class will add 20cm (7.8-inches) of length, while the stylistically similar E Class L will add around 14cm (5.5-in).

Extended wheelbase sedans are big-business in China, with lengthened versions of even junior executive sedans such as BMW 3-series and Volvo S60 available. In a phenomenon unique to China, sales of the longer versions dwarf the regular cars to such an extent, nearly all prestige automakers are fielding lengthened versions of their small, medium and larger vehicles.

The Mercedes-Maybach E-Class is expected to be available in other markets, while the E-Class L is expected to remain a China-only proposition.

By Mitchell Jones

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