Possible Steering Failure Leads To Kia Soul, Soul EV Recall

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Kia Motors has issued a voluntary recall for certain Soul and Soul EV models due to a potential fault on their steering gear assembly.

Used during assembly, an adhesive with insufficient strength might cause the pinion plug, which secures the pinion gear to the steering gear, to loosen and, in extreme cases, separate from the assembly, leading to steering loss.

There are 5,707 affected vehicles in the United Kingdom, built from January 18, 2014, to September 30, 2015, that suffer from this condition. Owners will be notified by the manufacturer via post and email and will be advised to take their Soul/Soul EV to the nearest Kia dealership, where the pinion plug will be secured or replaced. The fix will take one hour and will be performed free of charge. The automaker is not aware of any injuries or accidents in the UK or globally related to this condition.

The UK recall follows a similar action performed in North America, where certain 2014-2016 MY Kia Soul and Soul EVs were driven back to the dealers due to the same problem. On the other side of the Atlantic, the safety campaign has been in effect since December 8, 2015.