Could This Be The BMW X3 M? It Sure Sounds Like One!

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A hotter version of the next generation BMW X3 may have been scooped running around the 'Ring. Its growl is what makes us think that we could be dealing with the range-topping M model.

Having most of its body wrapped in vinyl doesn’t make it easy to spot the differences from the regular models of the future X3, but it looks like it has an updated grille and beefier bumper at the front, along with a revised rear bumper that incorporates quad exhaust pipes.

It also seems to feature a stiffer suspension on top of the previous scooped X3 prototypes, along with larger rims. Coming to back up a possible M variant are the sounds it emits, which can be heard throughout the video that shows it tackling the roads outside Nurburgring, before hitting the infamous track shortly after.

If this is indeed the BMW X3 M, then it's expected to use the same inline-six lump from the M3 and M4, which could produce between 400 and 500 horsepower, making it less powerful but more agile than its larger sibling, the X5 M.