VW's Climate Windscreen Defrosts Without Any Wires

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Get ready to throw out your ice scraper and de-icing spray for Volkswagen has the solution; its new climate windscreen.

The German automaker has designed a new windscreen for its models which uses a wafer-thin layer of electrically conductive silver within the laminated glass. Using between 400 and 500 watts, the windscreen is able to quickly heat up and melt any snow or ice that may have formed on the glass.

What’s more, the system also includes tiny filaments that heat up the windscreen wipers to prevent them from freezing to the glass.

While having heated windows in vehicles are nothing new, Volkswagen’s solution is particularly innovative as it doesn’t require the thin filament wires typically used and often visible to the driver under certain conditions.

Initially, the climate windscreen will be launched in Europe for models like the Golf, Tiguan, Passat and Sharan and is priced from a reasonable 340 euros ($363).