Two Cats Spotted On A Motorcycle Wearing Tiny Little Helmets...Aww

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We've definitely heard of biker mice (from Mars), but biker cats? This is a whole new level of cute.

Of course, that kind of depends on how you look at it, because while there does seem to be a harness of sorts around the cat sitting on the rider's lap, you could still make a case for animals being in danger.

But sure, if "cute" is what you're looking for, just get a load of those little faces and custom-made tiny helmets with wobbly antennas! They even have tinted visors...

According to the video's description, the footage was captured last week by a 21-year old girl in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand, and the speed of the motorcycle was somewhere around 40 mph (64 km/h). "The cats were amazing. They were so cute sitting on the motorbike with their little helmets," said the girl.

By the way, a closer look reveals that the cat sitting behind the rider is also tied up to something, so perhaps a lot of thought went into transporting these lovable felines on the motorbike.