ABT Drops More RS6+ Pics, Cabin Full Of Carbon As Expected

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If you visited the 2017 Geneva Motor Show in search of the ultimate station wagon, ABT Sportsline's RS6+ should have definitely made your shortlist.

In order to create some separation from the factory standard model, ABT pumped 705 PS (695 HP) and 880 Nm (649 lb-ft) of torque into this car, which pretty much makes it one of the world's fastest wagons.

Unfortunately we still don't have any official numbers regarding performance, but any improvement on the stock model's (RS6 Performance) 3.7-second zero to 100 km/h (62 mph) sprint time should be well-received.

In terms of looks, the exterior comes with carbon fiber add-on parts (skirts, front lip, mirror casings, wheel arch vents and diffuser), plus a carbon fiber tailpipe trim. You also get 22" wheels, which you can either have in gloss black or matte black.

The interior is also dripping with carbon fiber, which you can find across the dashboard, center console, steering wheel, gear knob and door panels. There's also Alcantara present on the door panels as well as the seats - pretty much exactly what you'd expect given how sporty the exterior looks.