Driver Plows Into Stationary Traffic In Melbourne

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The driver of this station wagon caused a four-car crash when he failed to slow down while approaching stationary traffic in a Melbourne suburb.

Even though the description doesn't explain why the driver of the wagon did what he did, we do learn that the footage was handed to the local police, who were "very appreciative". Whether or not the person responsible was hurt and couldn't operate the vehicle is unknown.

It's also possible they were distracted, since people have been known to text and drive at the same time - it would certainly explain why one would fail to slow down while approaching an intersection.

Speculation aside, we can see that the force of the impact was so strong, it propelled one of the vehicles towards incoming traffic, while severely damaging the rear end of another station wagon. A gray SUV was also damaged in the collision.

It's accidents such as these that make some wish that fully autonomous cars would arrive sooner than later.