$1.6 Million Ferrari 599 SA Aperta Makes A LaFerrari Seem Too Common

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A stunning red 2011 Ferrari 599 SA Aperta is currently for sale in Quebec for a cool $1.609 million.

Limited to just 80 units worldwide, the SA Aperta is the drop-top variant of the 599 GTO but without the fabled GTO badge. Thanks to its exceptional rarity, prices have exploded since the car hit the market and at $1.6 million, this example is among the most expensive we’ve seen.

Earlier this year, we came across a black SA Aperta for sale for almost $1.4 million in Germany while a white example was listed for $1.6 million in the U.S. some 18 months ago.

Prices of the SA Aperta have exploded quite just like the 458 Speciale Aperta, even though the 599 wasn’t the company’s last naturally-aspirated V12-powered model. Nevertheless, the asking price of this one is significantly more than the LaFerrari’s MSRP and about four times its own MSRP.

In total, the supercar has been driven just 1,381 km and alongside the red exterior, has a cabin filled with black leather, alcantara, white stitching and carbon fiber. It really does look like a special place to sit.

If you had unlimited money, would you prefer to splash $1.6 million on an SA Aperta or a touch over $300,000 on a new 812 Superfast?