Three LAPD Cadets Arrested After Stealing Patrol Cars

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Three juvenile cadets from the Los Angeles Police Department have been arrested and charged after stealing and crashing three police vehicles.

According to police chief Charlie Beck the three juveniles, two males aged 15 and 17 and a 16-year-old female, were members of the cadet program and managed to make off with the three vehicles, two tasers, two police radios and a bulletproof vest.

The LAPD first discovered something was amiss when a watch commander doing a daily inventory of the department's vehicles noticed that two patrol cars were missing from the fleet, CNN reports. Police authorities ultimately located the stolen vehicles but were led on two separate pursuits as the trio split up on the streets of South Los Angeles.

Speaking to the media, Beck said: “One of the pursuits terminated when the pursuit vehicle was involved in a traffic collision ...The second pursuit ended when the pursuit vehicle collided with a non-involved motorist.”

Following the arrest of the teenagers, one confessed to stealing a third car and claimed to have had the car for over two weeks. The third vehicle was located shortly after.

Beck says the cadets may have impersonated police officers in order to gain access to the vehicles.