Mercedes Loans Five Replacement Vehicles To Families Affected By G20 Summit Riots

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The G20 Summit has ended, but its social repercussions live on, as several families in Hamburg, Germany, have lost their cars to vandalism.

One of Mercedes-Benz's local dealers wants to help them, and as a result, they are offering five replacement vehicles, including the Vito, V-Class and Citan, free of charge, for one month, no matter what car brand they used to own.

The announcement was made on social media, and it says: "We want to help families whose vehicles were destroyed during the G20 riots, over the weekend, and who depend on their mobility. For this reason, Mercedes-Benz Hamburg is now offering a total of five replacement vehicles. Affected families can report and describe their situation, no matter what brand they have driven."

Those interested in Mercedes-Benz's proposition will have to contact the dealership as soon and possible and ask for one replacement vehicle, which will have to be returned after the 30-day period expires.

Hamburg's residents weren’t the only ones affected by the riots during the G20 summit, as a Porsche dealership was struck by protesters last week. 12 vehicles, including a bunch of 911s, were destroyed by fire.