Canada's Anibal Previews 920HP, Porsche 911-Based Supercar

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Europe, being the home of the supercar, routinely sees unknown companies announce their intentions to release hugely powerful supercars. This time, however, a new firm promising a potent supercar doesn’t hail from Europe and is instead based in Montreal, Canada.

Dubbed Anibal Automotive, the company has just previewed its very first model, dubbed the Icon. Like many before it, it’s making big claims.

Unlike many supercar startups which look to build their cars from the ground up, the Anibal Icon is based around the Porsche 911 Turbo S and therefore uses the same chassis and twin-turbo six-cylinder engine as the German sports car. But, whereas the Turbo S has 552 hp, Anibal claims the icon will deliver a phenomenal 920 hp.

Visually, the Icon bares absolutely no resemblance to the 911, except for its use of similar taillights. The front includes large wheel arches that protrude out of the bodywork, a hood that narrows as it joins to the bumper and a pair of large air intakes to inevitably cool the front brakes and help with airflow.

Anibal hopes to build 50 examples of the Icon but has yet to disclose pricing.