Mazda Presents New Accessory Packs For CX-5 And CX-3

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Mazda is launching a fresh range of accessories for its all-new CX-5 and CX-3 SUVs in the UK, allowing for easier personalization options.

For the CX-5, the Japanese automaker is offering a £850 Aero Pack, which adds front, rear and side skirts, whereas the £550 Interior LED Pack consists of welcome illumination, an LED interior lighting package, illuminating scuff plates and LED puddle lights that shine the Mazda logo on the tarmac when the door is open.

There's are a few practical accessories too, such as the roof bars, Thule roof box and safety kit (£450 Travel Pack), detachable tow bar (£695 Towing Pack) or the £380 Bike Pack.

As for the CX-3, you can add the same packs as you can on the CX-5, however with different prices. For example, the Protection Pack, which on the CX-5 is £450, sets you back just £300 on the CX-3.

Then there's the Aero Pack (front, rear and side airdam skirts, plus Brilliant Black roof spoiler), which costs £1,275 on the CX-3, while the Interior LED Pack is £310, Bike Pack £375, and the Towing Pack £575. The Travel pack is the same price on both models.