What's Ford Doing Testing A Fusion (Mondeo) Station Wagon On U.S. Soil?

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An intriguing Ford Mondeo Estate has been spied testing in the U.S. by Carscoops reader Brett Borgard.

It is not unusual for automakers to test international models in the United States but seeing a Mondeo Estate on American soil is intriguing, as the Mondeo’s identical twin, the Fusion, is already sold as a sedan in North America.

The presence of the Mondeo badge on the rear suggests the prototype was flown to the U.S. for testing and isn’t actually a Fusion Wagon posing as a Mondeo. Additionally, the presence of a tow bar could suggest the automaker is experimenting to see if the estate can handle the huge caravans frequently seen on U.S. roads.

While it is unlikely, there is a slight possibility Ford is pondering the idea of building a Fusion Wagon.

However, we don’t see that happening. Station wagons have never been popular in the United States, especially since larger and more practical SUVs can be purchased for similar money while also offering the high driving position many yearn for nowadays.