Skoda Karoq vRS Could Be Electrified

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Skoda is inching towards making a performance-focused version of the Karoq and is expected to fit it with an electrified powertrain.

Speaking to Auto Express at last month’s Frankfurt Motor Show, Skoda research and development boss Christian Strube said the Karoq would be perfect for a vRS-badged model.

“I’m fighting for it. Just as I was fighting for the Kodiaq vRS. Sometimes I’m successful, and sometimes I’m not. But yes, we are in discussions about it. It would fit absolutely perfectly to this car, I believe. Even more than Kodiaq, I would say, because it’s compact, it’s agile. It would be perfect,” he said.

Strube went on to say “it would also be interesting to discuss whether it is a pure petrol or it is something else,” indicating that the Czech automaker is indeed pondering electrification.

The British publication believes that Skoda will probably choose between two options. The first would be a plug-in hybrid system while the second would be a simpler ‘mild-hybrid’ with a 48-volt power supply and a small battery aimed primarily at adding a little bit of extra power.