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Ken Okuyama Designs Two Special Edition Alfa Romeo Giuliettas

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Japanese designer Ken Okuyama has placed his name on a pair of Alfa Romeo Giulietta special editions made exclusively for Japan.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Launched in the UK, Priced From £20,490

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This year marks the 60th anniversary of one of Alfa Romeo’s key models, the Giulietta Sprint, a car with great looks that was relatively affordable and loved by most car enthusiasts.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Gets Business Edition in the UK

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Alfa Romeo wants to appeal to business drivers with the Giulietta Business Edition, a new derivative launched in the UK.

Alfa Romeo Brings Giulietta Sprint and MiTo Junior Special Editions to Paris

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Alfa Romeo has unveiled two special edition models at the Paris Auto Show which pay homage to legendary Alfas from the past: the 1954 Giulietta Sprint and the 1966 Giulia GT 1300 Junior.

Alfa Romeo Updates Giulietta and MiTo Quadrifoglio Verde

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It's been sixty years since the first production car to bear the famous four-leafed clover logo, a Giulia TI Super, hit the road. Now, Quadrifoglio Verde or QV is a performance name with notoriety, having adorned the front fenders of many hot Alfa Romeos since, the most recent of which being the Giulietta QV, a car which would have been far more popular had we not had a left brain too…

Alfa's Updated Giulietta and MiTo Quadrifoglio Verde Editions

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Besides the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider pre-production study, the Italian carmaker brought along the updated Quadrifoglio Verde versions of the Giulietta and MiTo to the Geneva Motor Show

New Alfa Giulietta Quadrifoglio Verde Adopts 4C's 240PS and Twin-Clutch Transmission

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The curtains came up Thursday on the refreshed Alfa Romeo Giulietta Quadrifoglio Verde (QV) with a newer powertrain inherited from the Italian carmaker's 4C mid-engine sports car.

Would a Crossover-Flavored Alfa Romeo Giulietta Make Sense?

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At this stage, just about any addition to Alfa Romeo's stripped-out range would bring a welcome sigh of relief to the brand's dealers who have been trying to make ends meet with just two core models, the MiTo and Giulietta, plus a showpiece car in the guise of the limited run 4C, but would a Giulietta with off-road styling cues have any chance of success?

Scoop: Alfa Romeo is up to Something with Giulietta Quadrifoglio Verde

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If it weren't for its illustrious history, an army of fans desperately seeking souls in mechanical objects and the recent launch of the 4C, Alfa Romeo would be as relevant today as Dirk Diggler starring next to Miley Cyrus in a romantic comedy.

Alfa Introduces 175PS Diesel on the Giulietta and 140PS Petrol on the MiTo in Italy

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Alfa Romeo has introduced two new engine versions in Italy for the Giulietta MY2014 and MiTo MY2014.

The Giulietta gets a new 2.0-liter JDTM turbodiesel unit producing 175PS (173hp), in combination with the 6-speed double-clutch TCT gearbox. Available only for the Distinctive and Exclusive top trim levels, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta with the new engine is priced from €30,450 ($41,745) and €31,900 ($43,730), respectively.

Alfa Unperceivably Updates Giulietta Hatch and its Trims; Priced in UK

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The Alfa Romeo Giulietta has been on sale unchanged since its launch in 2010. Now, the car receives a cosmetic touchup, though sadly, few will actually know that any work has been done.

Next Alfa Giulietta QV to Get Engine and Gearbox from the 4C, No GTA

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The next generation of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Quadrifoglio Verde (QV) performance version will use the 240PS (236hp) engine from the 4C sports car. The current engine in the hot Alfa Giulietta, the 235PS (232hp) 1.75-liter turbocharged unit, is in fact the engine used by Alfa’s engineers to develop the 4C’s powerplant.

Alfa Romeo Passes Through Frankfurt Motor Show Almost Incognito

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When the CEO of Fiat Sergio Marchionne skips an important automotive event like the Frankfurt Motor Show to attend to other businesses (reportedly, Chrysler-related) , it's a clear sign that there's nothing really new floating around the group brands' booths.

Alfa Romeo Gives Giulietta MY2014 a New Engine and Some Light Tweaks

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The Alfa Romeo Giulietta has undergine some changes for the 2014 model year, the main one being the addition of a new 2.0-liter JTDM 2 turbodiesel engine developing 150 horsepower and 380 Nm (280 lb-ft) of torque.

The new unit is equipped with the second-generation MultiJet injection system and uses a small-sized turbocharger that Alfa Romeo says delivers the highest torque in the segment at low revs - 380 Nm at 1,750 rpm. The engine also uses the third generation Common Rail injection system and complies with the Euro 5+ (Euro 6 ready) standard.

Alfa Romeo Adds Some Color to the Giulietta and Calls it Collezione Edition

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Not having much else to do these days, Alfa Romeo's design and marketing staff came together and created a new special series of the Giulietta compact hatch for the UK market. It is named the Collezione, which is Italian for Collection, and it brings some color along with additional styling and equipment features to the Giulietta range.

Alfa Romeo Launches Fast & Furious 6 Limited Edition Giulietta in the UK, Only 6 Units Available

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To mark Giulietta’s presence in the latest release of the action franchise Fast & Furious 6, Alfa Romeo has released an exclusive "Fast & Furious 6 Limited Edition" Giulietta of which only 6 units will be made.

The limited production Giuliettas are powered by a 1.4-liter MultiAir engine developing 170 horsepower and feature signed dashboards by the movie cast members. All six models are also equipped with a Fast & Furious numbered plaque, corresponding to each film in the franchise, while owners will have the opportunity to attend a stunt day with a stunt coordinator from the movie industry.

Alfa Romeo Promotes Giulietta's Fast&Furious 6 Movie Gig with Ads [w/Video]

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Alfa Romeo wants the world to know that one of its cars, the Giulietta compact hatchback, has a role in the sixth installment of the high-speed "Fast & Furious" franchise, which will have its world premiere this week on May 7 in London, before its public release on May 17 in the UK, and from May 24, in the rest of the world.

The Giulietta makes a special appearance in the movie when it disembarks from a gigantic Antonov plane during take-off, and then the driver tries to interfere with the cargo aircraft's take-off run.

Fiat Group Plans to Re-Launch Alfa Romeo…Again, Product Plan Shows 9 New Models

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It's a story that we've heard again, and again, and again from the Fiat Group; re-launch and turn the Alfa Romeo brand into a global player in the premium segment.

Whether the Italians will to stick to the program remains to be seen, but given the recent developments with Maserati, including the introduction of the new Quattroprote and sightings of Ghibli prototypes, there's a good chance Fiat means it this time.

Alfa Romeo’s Return to the U.S. Postponed Again as Marrchione Changes Original Schedule

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For the umpteenth time, Alfa Romeo’s planned reentry in the US market has been put on the table. In October, Fiat-Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne will reveal a new schedule for Alfa’s upcoming models and the brands overseas expansion, which means yet another delay.

Last year, Marchionne revealed the company's new business plan and said that Alfa would return to the States in late 2012 with a small number of its 4C mid-engined coupe. The full-on assault in the US market would begin in mid-2013 with the launch of a compact crossover and at the end of the year, the new Giulia executive saloon.

Alfa Romeo UK Adds New Sportiva Trim Level to MiTo and Giulietta Ranges.

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Alfa Romeo is expanding its MiTo and Giulietta offerings in Britain with the addition of a new trim grade named "Sportiva".

In the MiTo supermini, the Sportiva builds on the Distinctive trim adding a host of features with Alfa Romeo claiming that customers benefit from £1,500 worth of option upgrades for just £750 more OTR.