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Alfa Giulia Mules Dressed Up With Maserati Body And Jeep Parts Scooped?

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A couple of Alfa Romeo mules was spotted during some winter testing in Livigno, Italy wearing a Maserati costume by tumblr user inno88.

New Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Looks the T!ts in Fresh Photos and Video

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If you loved last year's Alfa Romeo 4C Spider study, then you'll be happy to know that the production car remains virtually unchanged some very minor tweaks.

Gotcha: Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Caught Out in the Open During Photo Shoot in Spain

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Last March, at the Geneva Auto Show, Alfa Romeo displayed a concept of the 4C Spider –  the open-top version of its 4C sports car that would launch some time in 2015.

MX-5-Based Alfa Is Now Abarth Roadster, Alfa To Develop Own Spider

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The highly anticipated Alfa Romeo Spider based on the all-new Mazda MX-5 roadster is dead. According to reports, Fiat Group has decided to utilize the new MX-5 roadster platform for a new range-topping Abarth roadster instead.

Is This a Test Mule for Maserati Alfieri, Alfa's Giulia or Something Else?

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For the second time in a few weeks, Fiat Group engineers have us scratching our heads with their Maserati Ghibli-based test mules.

Did Alfa Romeo Sneak in a 4C Quadrifoglio Verde Model at its Paris Show Booth?

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We just received some very interesting shots from Alfa Romeo's Paris Motor Show stand depicting a red 4C Coupe with an additional air inlet made from carbon-fiber on the left fender.

Scoop: Alfa Romeo is up to Something with Giulietta Quadrifoglio Verde

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If it weren't for its illustrious history, an army of fans desperately seeking souls in mechanical objects and the recent launch of the 4C, Alfa Romeo would be as relevant today as Dirk Diggler starring next to Miley Cyrus in a romantic comedy.

Scoop: Test Mule for New 2015 Mazda MX-5 and Alfa Romeo Spider

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So it begins; here we have the first appearance of a test mule for the next generation of the Mazda MX-5, and consequently, the new rear-wheel drive Alfa Romeo Spider, since the two companies came together to develop the shared-platform roadsters with each model featuring its own styling and crop of engines.

Alfa Romeo 4C Official (?) Brochure with Full Specs and Equipment Range

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Apart from the trio of hypercars, probably the most eagerly awaited model of the 83rd Geneva Motor Show was the production version of the Alfa Romeo 4C.

Now, after the extensive coverage it has received, one may wonder what is left to say for the sexy two-seat, mid-engined Italian coupe. Well, quite a lot actually: 4C-Forums, the only site (so far) dedicated to the new Alfa, has published what it claims is the official brochure for the car.

Alfa Romeo 4C Engine Sounds and a Peek at its Digital Instrument Cluster

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Over the past couple of weeks, we saw official photos and learned a lot about the new Alfa Romeo 4C, but the Italians are still keeping many details under wraps, which is where this spy video from KGP Photography steps in and comes into use.

Scoop: Production Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe Sports Minimal Changes

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It’s almost time for Alfa Romeo to unleash its first true rear-wheel drive sports car since the demise of the 8C Competizione coupe and roadster in 2010, the new 4C mid-engine coupe.

This week, our spies nabbed a pre-production prototype of the 4C testing in Europe. While Alfa Romeo's engineers had the car covered almost from top to bottom, we can still see all some of the styling modifications made over the impressive concept displayed at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show.

These include the addition of new exterior mirrors with a larger surface mounted on the doors, the visible door handles positioned right in front of the side air vents, the new circular tail lamp fixtures, and the redesigned (and dare we say, more impressive looking) diffuser at the rear end that also gains a set of auxiliary lights.

When Alfa presented the study two years ago, it told us that the 4C features a 1.7-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine coupled to a dual-clutch transmission driving the rear wheels. We still don’t know how strong the engine is, but the word on the street is could deliver 300 or more horses.

Spied: Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe Filmed in Michigan

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If there's one Alfa Romeo model that may come to the U.S. after all, it's the upcoming production version of the 4C mid-engine sports coupe concept that was first seen at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show.

A reader from the online edition of Autoweek magazine captured a heavily camouflaged prototype of the 4C testing on a Michigan expressway last Friday, January 11.

Fiat Group Plans to Re-Launch Alfa Romeo…Again, Product Plan Shows 9 New Models

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It's a story that we've heard again, and again, and again from the Fiat Group; re-launch and turn the Alfa Romeo brand into a global player in the premium segment.

Whether the Italians will to stick to the program remains to be seen, but given the recent developments with Maserati, including the introduction of the new Quattroprote and sightings of Ghibli prototypes, there's a good chance Fiat means it this time.

Oh, Oh, Someone Just Ditched an Alfa Romeo 4C Prototype…

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It's been a year and nine months since Alfa Romeo pulled the covers off the impressive 4C Sports Coupe concept at the 2011 Geneva motor show, and even though it had been initially suggested that we could see the final production model on sale this year, obviously that never happened.

Alfa Romeo officials have said that this may happen sometime in 2013, but with the Italian brand, one can never take these statements for granted – Alfa's on and off return to the U.S. market is a prime example…

Well, while we're waiting for the Italians to give us a date on the only interesting model it has in store for us , a driver in Italy spotted a camouflaged prototype of the 4C coupe -ahem- stranded on the side of a road.

SCOOP: Alfa Romeo Test Mule Hides New Jeep Liberty's Underpinnings

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For those of you wondering what an Alfa Romeo Giulietta prototype with a raised ride height, a bulkier shaped front end and Michigan manufacturer plates is doing in the States, the short answer is testing.

The more detailed answer is that the Chrysler Group's engineers are trying out the platform that will underpin the next generation of the Jeep Liberty or Cherokee for overseas markets.

Like the new Dodge Dart as well as the replacement for the Chrysler 200, the next Liberty will use the Chrysler Group's new Compact U.S. Wide (CUSW) platform, which itself is a longer and slightly wider version of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta's chassis – hence the use of the Italian hatchback as a test mule.

Spy Shots: Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spotted Again in Detroit

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An associate of one of our spy photographers stumbled upon a camouflaged Alfa Romeo Giulietta hatchback at a gas station in Detroit on Wednesday morning.

The Italian compact model was covered in what looks like a matte black vinyl wrap with all Alfa Romeo logos hidden. Now, before you jump to the wrong conclusions, let us tell you that this isn't the first time we've seen the Giulietta in the States.

In fact, back in 2010, a whole truckload of Giuliettas was snagged on a Michigan freeway heading towards the Chrysler Group's headquarters in Auburn Hills. For all we know, this may be one of the leftovers.

Truckload of Alfa Romeo Giuliettas Scooped in Michigan

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According to Jalopnik, this here truck that's loaded with a bunch of Alfa Romeo Giulietta hatchbacks was scooped on a Michigan freeway heading towards the Chrysler Group's headquarters in Auburn Hills. Other than some vague statements and on-off promises, Fiat Group officials have not made any final announcements on the re-launch of the Alfa Romeo brand in the States. So unless the Italians are getting ready to surprise us, we'd say that these vehicles will most likely be used as press cars and/or for display purposes at dealer meetings and possibly even at upcoming motor shows.

Alfa Romeo Kamal SUV: Early Prototype Spied in Italy?

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Remember Alfa Romeo's Kamal Concept SUV that was presented at the Geneva Motor Show back in 2003 supposedly previewing a production model that never came? Well, a worker from the Fiat Group's Elasis research center in Pomigliano d'Arco near Naples, reportedly bagged this prototype Alfa Romeo SUV at the firm's facility.

We're well aware of the fact that some may claim these pictures could be the work of a master photoshopper, but we checked the shots again and again and couldn't find anything out of the ordinary - even the Grande Punto headlights have the right shades on them. If you disagree, please enlighten us in the comments section below.

Now back to the prototype, if indeed real, our bet would go to an early test mule for a production version of the Kamal Concept that was initially pegged for launch sometime in 2010.

We don't know if Alfa Romeo kept to the plan - don't forget, the same company also announced a successor for the 169 executive sedan for 2009, but even if it did, the Fiat Group's recent tie-up with Chrysler has changed or at least, set everything back.

Via: Worldcarfans , Source: Alvolante


2003 Alfa Romeo Kamal Concept SUV

Alfa Romeo Milano / Giulietta Uncovered: Will Be Available with Five Engines Including a 235HP 1.7-Liter Turbo

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We're still in the dark about the name and the presentation date of 147's replacement as according to reports, Alfa Romeo was forced to drop the Milano name and postpone today's unveiling at the very last moment due to a conflict with its Milan-based workers (details here). The same reports suggest that Alfa might use the Giulietta nametag instead. In any case, and until the Italians come out with official photos, here's what our inside sources confirmed to us about Alfa's sporty compact hatchback.

The Italian automaker's offering in the premium hatchback segment, which will most probably compete against the likes of the BMW 1-Series and Audi A3 as well as the more powerful versions of the Seat Leon 5d, will make its world debut at the Geneva Salon in March 2010.

European sales are scheduled to start in Spring of the same year.

Designed by the Fiat Group's 'Centro Stile Alfa Romeo', the new hatch measures 4,350mm in length, 1,460 mm in height and 1,800 mm in width featuring a wheelbase of 2,630mm. This means it is slightly longer, taller and wider than the current 147.

From what we were told, Alfa's five-door hatch will be available at launch with a total of four, 4-cylinder turbocharged petrol and diesel engines. These include the 1.4-liter TB and 1.4-liter TB Multiair petrols with 120HP and 170HP respectively, and the 1.6-liter JTDM and 2.0-liter JTDM diesels with 105HP and 170HP respectively.

Shortly after, the range will be complemented by the addition of a sporty "Quadrifoglio Verde" (four-leaf clover) version powered by Alfa's 1.7-liter (1,750cc) four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine delivering a notable 235 horsepower.

Photos via: Facebook