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Kahn Design Teases New DB9-Based Vengeance Coupe

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Kahn Design announced their next creation, the WB12 Vengeance by releasing a first teaser image.

Spectre Producers Tease Us With Their Awesome Hero Cars

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The producers of James Bond’s 24th installment have released a new teaser, showing off the hero cars of the movie.

Aston Martin Confirms Production of First Crossover Model, £200M Project Funding

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No, don’t adjust your computer screens, yes, Aston Martin Lagonda has confirmed it will be putting the DBX into series production. The automaker will be expanding its Gaydon production operation (or build an entirely new factory in the US) with a £200- / $300- million investment and seems to have big plans for the future.

Aston Martin May Open U.S. Factory According To Reports

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Aston Martin is currently negotiating the build of a new US factory for producing the DBX crossover, according to a report from the Financial Times.

15-Year Old Thai Renders New Aston Martin DB11

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A young aspiring designer from Bangkok, Thailand, sent us these digital renders for the coupe that will replace the Aston Martin DB9 and which is rumored to carry the DB11 badge.

Just 15 years old, Jennarong Muengtaweepongsa tells us that he started sketching cars at age 6 before moving on to 3D modeling. You can color us impressed with his latest work that combines our knowledge from Aston Martin's prototype models like the one we caught testing yesterday on the Nürburgring with the firm's recent concept cars.

Here's what Muengtaweepongsa told us about his speculative take on the DB11:

"The car is a design study of the "continuation" of lines, and a mixture of various aspects from previous Aston Martin designs. The Front End's design is inspired by the CC100 speedster concept, especially with the grille design, along with the metal inlets being in the shape of the original Aston Martin grille design, the shape taken from the iconic DB5.

With the lines beginning beautifully from the front of the car continued into the rear, while forming an invisible "X" shape in the middle of the car, right in the driver's position. The indicator under the headlight also follows with the continuation theme, by continuing through the wheel into the side strakes and into the bodywork. The main line, which starts from next to the headlight, continues into the rear diffuser, with the rear being heavily inspired by the DB10."

Thanks to Jennarong Muengtaweepongsa for CGIs!

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This Is Aston Martin's DB9 Replacement And It's Coming In 2016

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Our spy photographers have nabbed a second Aston Martin prototype for the DB9's successor that may get the DB11 name when it arrives in the first half of next year.

Aston Martin CEO to Drive V8 Vantage GT4 in 24h Silverstone Race

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Ulrich Bez, Aston Martin’s previous CEO, was a big racing fan and drove his fair share of Aston Martin racecars in endurance events during his tenure in Gaydon. His successor, Andy Palmer, appears to be following in his footsteps, with Aston Martin announcing he will drive a V8 Vantage GT4 in the Dunlop Britcar 24 Hour Race.

Vintage Aston Martins Can Bring Families Closer Together

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Aston Martins are considered many things but this is the first time we hear a story about an Aston Martin helping a son bonding with his father.

Aston Martin Drops Lawsuit Against Fisker After He Agrees To Can Thunderbolt Project

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Aston Martin has nixed its lawsuit against designer Henrik Fisker claiming copyright breach over the Vanquish-based Thunderbolt prototype after "all parties amicably resolved their differences".

Aston Martin Rolls Out First DB11 Prototype

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Less than two weeks after we caught Aston Martin running a test mule for the DB9's replacement around the 'Ring, an actual prototype of the coupe was spotted by one of our associates at a parking lot in Europe.

Aston Martin Made a City Car; How About an MPV Too?

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We hope you’re already smiling after having seen the opening shot for this article. Yes, it’s the new  Galaxy seven-seater MPV from Ford that’s had an Aston Martin face grafted on.

First James Bond Spectre Trailer Is A Tease

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After Skyfall comes Spectre, the 24th installment in the long line of James Bond movies.

Aston Martin Sues Henrik Fisker Over Thunderbolt Study, Calls it "Unauthorized Copy"

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Isn’t it ironic that the same man responsible for Aston Martin’s current design language gets sued by Aston Martin for using one of its models as basis for a coachbuilt model?

Scoop: Mystery Aston Martin Test Mule Could Be DB9 Successor

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There's always certain degree of uncertainty regarding automotive test mules, but we think that this black Aston Martin is an engineering prototype for the next DB9.

Porsche Pressures Aston Martin into Dropping GT3 Moniker from Hardcore V12 Vantage

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Porsche has been using the GT3 moniker for its track-focused 911 models for about sixteen years now, and the fact that Aston Martin “dared” to use it on the V12 Vantage GT3 didn’t go down well in Stuttgart.

Aston Martin Shows Off White Lagonda Taraf In Saudi Arabia

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Our interest in the Lagonda Taraf was recently renewed after Aston Martin reversed a decision to offer the car only in the Middle East, but make no mistake; the oil-rich states are the British firm's primary target.

Aston Martin DBX Concept Virtually Transformed Into Shooting Brake

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We often see outlandish pick-up or shooting brake renderings of cars that will never be available with these body styles. But a shooting brake interpretation of Aston Martin’s latest concept car, the DBX, makes a lot of sense.

Henrik Fisker's Thunderbolt Spin On Aston Martin Vanquish V12

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Henrik Fisker's own automotive company may have gone under, but his love for design persists and after the Galpin 2015 Mustang, he's back to what he knows best with the Thunderbolt study.

Aston Martin Vantage GT3 Promo Reveals True V12 Chorus [w/Video]

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Even though we've seen the Vantage GT3 in previous videos and have already heard it start up its engine, this clip gives us a sneak peak at what it really sounds like on the prowl.

Aston Martin to Keep V12, Manual Gearboxes for the Foreseeable Future

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The future is looking up for Aston Martin as a brand, at least if we base our judgment on a recent report that details the firm’s future ambitions.