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Aston Martin Rolls Out First DB11 Prototype

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Less than two weeks after we caught Aston Martin running a test mule for the DB9's replacement around the 'Ring, an actual prototype of the coupe was spotted by one of our associates at a parking lot in Europe.

Coldfinger: Aston Martin on Ice to Take Place in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains

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After Lamborghini with its Winter Academia in Aspen, Aston Martin announced its own driving program, labeled 'Aston Martin on Ice', which will take place early next year in Colorado.

Aston Martin Free to Sell Vantage and DB9 in the US

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Aston Martin can still sell its DB9 and Vantage models in the United States as the NHTSA has granted the British carmaker a temporary exemption to new safety rules.

Aston Martin's U.S. Dealers in Danger of Closing without Safety Exemption for DB9 and Vantage

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Aston Martin may receive a big blow in one of its most important markets, the United States, if federal regulators don’t exempt the brand from safety rules.

Aston Martin Trademarks the Names DB10 through DB14

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While current Aston Martins are cool and all, with their unmatched style and presence, they are not the best to drive, or especially good at anything else other than making their owner feel like a million bucks.

These Are the Top 10 Favorite Cars for Premiership Football Players

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If you had any doubts about the preferences of English Premiership footballers in terms of cars, this list will make things a lot clearer.

Aston Martin May be Forced to Drop DB9 and Vantage from US Lineup, Jeopardizing Dealers

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With all the rules and regulations in play, it's tough being a standalone carmaker these days; just ask Aston Martin which is facing a crisis in the U.S. due to new crash standards.

Q by Aston Martin Bringing Four New Bespoke Models to Pebble Beach

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Aston Martin’s personalization service “Q by Aston Martin” will unveil a new collection of bespoke cars at the Pebble Beach Automotive Week.

Q by Aston Martin Crafts Horse Riding-Themed DB9 Volante

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Aston Martin’s bespoke division has built a unique DB9 Volante featuring horse-riding cues, designed exclusively for charity auction at next week’s Menlo Charity Horse Show in Los Gatos, California (August 5-10).

Aston Martin to Start its Biggest Ever Product Offensive with All-New DB9 in 2016

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Aston Martin may have dropped a hint or two about its plans for the future, but new reports from the British press talk about the “biggest product offensive” in the sports car manufacturer’s history.

Aston Martin to Unveil Not So New V8 Vantage GT and DB9 Carbon in New York

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You probably remember that Aston Martin last month unveiled the V8 Vantage N430 and DB9 Carbon Black and Carbon White editions at the Geneva Motor Show last month. Well, the British automaker will do exactly the same thing at the New York Auto Show, except for a minor name change for the V8 Vantage N430, which has been baptized V8 Vantage GT for the U.S. market.

Two New Aston Martin Variants Headed to Geneva

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Being an automaker whose all-new models don’t come along that often, Aston Martin constantly tries to spruce up its range with special variants of existing cars, which it paints, trims and names differently so that its motor show stands always house something that draws the passers-by in.

Aston Martin Debuts Q Bespoke Personalization Service in Frankfurt

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Aston Martin has revealed the “Q by Aston Martin” customizing service at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Exemplified on a Vanquish Volante model, the bespoke personalization service “goes far beyond the options list to offer demanding clients the very broadest choice and, as such, truly bespoke sports cars,” according to British brand.

Walk Around the New Aston Martin Centennial Coupe and Spyder by Zagato

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It must be a great feeling to be the owner and of course, the driver of a one-of-a-kind (and we mean that in the literal sense…) sports car like the Zagato-made Aston Martin DBS Coupe Zagato Centennial and DB9 Spyder Zagato Centennial that were both introduced to the world this past Sunday in London.

For us mere mortals, we can only dream of owning such a special vehicle and just have to make do with poring over photos, or in this instance, a set of videos that walk us around the two one-off creations.

Zagato Shows New One-Off Aston Martin DBS Coupe and DB9 Spyder at Centennial Gathering

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The festivities for Aston Martin's 100th birthday continued this past Sunday at Kensington Gardens, where we had the largest ever gathering of Aston Martin cars with some 550 models worth around an estimated £1 billion (about $1.5 billion / €1.2 billion) making the ride to London.

More than 50,000 fans, owners, and casual visitors came to view the rare cars, two of which were shown for the very first time: the specially commissioned and rather sexy looking, if we may add, DBS Coupe Zagato Centennial and DB9 Spyder Zagato Centennial made by Zagato.

That's a Costly Oops: Aston Martin Rear Ends Bugatti Veyron in Moscow

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Jeez; where's a dashboard camera when you really need it? Well, for now, the only piece of evidence we have about this extremely costly accident between an Aston Martin (reportedly a DB9, but we wouldn't be surprised if it's another model) and a Bugatti Veyron is the single photo seen here.

Revamped Aston Martin DB9 Faces Mercedes Benz CL65 AMG in Latest Head2Head

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Let’s say that you have US$200,000 to spend on a car and, for some reason, you don’t want to buy a Ferrari or a Porsche but something more practical to drive every day. Fret not because there are other options out there and they’re not bad at all.

The Aston Martin DB9 is the oldest model in the British company’s line-up, having been around since 2004. For the 2013MY it received a substantial revamp, though, with the 5.9-liter V12 being pumped up to 510HP and the chassis and suspension receiving parts from the new Vanquish and the (now defunct) DBS and Virage.

Aston Martin Celebrates Centenary with Special Edition Models

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On January 15, Aston Martin became 100 years old and to celebrate its birthday, it announced the launch of 100 examples of each of its model lines, including the V8 Vantage, DB9, Rapide and Vanquish – but not the Cygnet (we wonder why…), which are offered for sale worldwide now.

Aston Martin’s Updated $185,400 DB9 Coupe Gets its First Video Review

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The DB9 has a lot going for it. First of all its shape, which was designed by Ian Callum and finished off by Henrik Fisker who, as you know, has since moved on to pastures new and green.

Then we have its underpinnings: its predecessor, the DB7, was based on the ancient Jaguar XJ-S, though with many changes. The DB9 was built around an all-new aluminum platform, dubbed VH (for vertical – horizontal) that is light years ahead in all respects.

Aston Martin Plays the 'Can You Spot the Differences' Game with 2013 DB9 Facelift

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You can rest assure that when Aston Martin presents a new model – let alone a facelift of an existing vehicle, you will have a very hard time telling the differences from their predecessors, which is the obviously the case with the refreshed 2013 DB9 in both Coupe and Volante (convertible) body styles.

According to the British automaker, the styling changes on the DB9 are "reminiscent of the outgoing Virage, which ceases production with immediate effect". We will remind you that the Virage was presented last year to close the invisible gap between the DB9 and the DBS, which has now itself been replaced by the new Vanquish.

We will start our tour of the 2013 DB9 with the exterior makeover that includes a redesigned hood, front grille surround and bumper, new front fender air vents, a new design for the rear bumper and the boot that incorporates a much more pronounced spoiler lip to improve aerodynamics.