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Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Volante To Be Unveiled At Pebble Beach

Aston Martin has announced plans to unveil the new Vanquish Zagato Volante at Pebble Beach.

Aston Martin Had To Scale Down Plans For Its First Electric Model

Aston Martin may have confirmed its first electric model, the RapidE for 2019 but the company had to rethink its plans after LeEco pulled ...

All-Electric Aston Martin RapidE Confirmed For Production, Arrives In 2019

Aston Martin has announced plans to build a production version of the RapidE concept which was introduced nearly two years ago.

Is This 9k Mile Flooded Aston Martin Rapide Worth Resuscitating?

Usually when we come across a flood damaged vehicle up for sale, we'd immediately advise against even considering buying it. However, ...

Aston Martin Rapide To Be Discontinued In Favor Of EV

Aston Martin has confirmed that the V12-powered Rapide we’re familiar with will soon be killed off to make way for an all-electric variant ...

Aston Martin Rapide and Vantage Gain More Extreme AMR Derivatives

Aston Martin announced the launch of the AMR sub-brand which is aimed to take technology and inspiration from motorsport and create a sharp...

Rory Reid Sparks Life Into Top Gear With Aston Martin Road Trip

As Top Gear continues to thrive in its post-Chris Evans era, the TV show’s official YouTube channel has just launched a new series which w...

These Supercars Aren't Made Where You Think They Are

The mainstream, mass-market automakers that drive the industry have long since broken beyond the borders of the countries in which they'...

The Fast & The Spacious: These Sedans Can Crack 200 MPH

From the Tesla Model S to the Mercedes-AMG S65, there's no lack of seriously quick and powerful sedans on the market today.

This Is What Happens When Supercar Manufacturers Make Four-Door Sedans

There was a time – and it wasn't so long ago – that supercar manufacturers made two-door sports cars, and that was all they made. But t...

Aston Martin Recalls 6,000 Vehicles In US Over Door Locks

Aston Martin is recalling the lion's share of its luxury sports cars in America over a security feature that works just fine, but does...

Aston Martin DBX And Electric Rapide To Arrive Before 2019

Aston Martin's long-awaited DBX crossover and all-electric Rapide are set to both arrive by 2019, each marking significant changes for...

Aston Martin's Deal With LeEco Could Include Building Faraday Future FFZero1

The partnership with the Chinese electric tech company can go further as Aston Martin seeks to expand its demographic to environmentally-co...

Aston Martin Unveils Rapide S With New Technologies At CES

Aston Martin and technology company Letv have teamed up to unveil a very special Rapide S at CES 2016.

Aston Martin Unveils Fully Electric RapidE Concept With China In Mind [w/Video]

Aston Martin and Williams Advanced Engineering have converted the Rapide S sports sedan into an electric vehicle.

Aston Martin’s Boss Confirms Electric Rapide Scheduled For 2017

Aston Martin’s CEO Andy Palmer confirmed the development of a purely electric Rapide in an interview in London.

Aston Martin Milano Rapide S Dom Pérignon Is A Classy Champagne Carrier

When it comes to promotional cars , it’s hard to find one as special as the Aston Martin Rapide S chosen by Dom Pérignon to promote its pre...

Aston Martin Compact Sports Sedan Study Eyes BMW's 4 Gran Coupe

If you think for one second that people wouldn't jump all over a compact exevutive Aston Martin Sports Sedan , you definitely need to r...

2016 Aston Martin Vantage And Rapide S Get Design And Equipment Updates

In addition to the range-topping DB9 GT , Aston Martin has announced design and equipment updates for the Vantage and Rapide S models.

Aston Martin Backs GB Campaign In Japan With GREAT-Themed Rapide S

Aston Martin pulled the wraps back on a unique Rapide S created by their 'Q' customization division in Japan today.