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2016 Aston Martin Vantage And Rapide S Get Design And Equipment Updates

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In addition to the range-topping DB9 GT, Aston Martin has announced design and equipment updates for the Vantage and Rapide S models.

Aston Martin Backs GB Campaign In Japan With GREAT-Themed Rapide S

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Aston Martin pulled the wraps back on a unique Rapide S created by their 'Q' customization division in Japan today.

Coldfinger: Aston Martin on Ice to Take Place in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains

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After Lamborghini with its Winter Academia in Aspen, Aston Martin announced its own driving program, labeled 'Aston Martin on Ice', which will take place early next year in Colorado.

Aston Martin Could Really Use Some New Models

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In recent years, Aston Martin’s presence at motor shows has been quite a repetitive exercise, as the company has been unable to launch new models without the backing of a major automaker.

Aston Martin Updates Vanquish and Rapide S, 8-Speed Gearbox Debuts [72 Pics]

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Aston Martin has made comprehensive technical updates to its Rapide S and Vanquish models, both of which now feature an all-new 8-speed auto, new engine management system, as well as updated trims and options.

Aston Martin May not Build Lagonda SUV, Focus on Sedan Instead

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When Aston Martin unveiled the Lagonda SUV concept in 2009, reactions to the study’s design were mixed at best. It wasn’t exactly a pretty sight and it failed to convince management that it will be a winner.

Rendered Attempt at Upcoming Aston Martin Lagonda Sedan

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While the Aston Martin Rapide looked a bit a lot like a stretched DB9 with two extra doors, it still caught on and found its niche buyers. However, they most likely mainly bought it for the same reasons the two-door models sold in the first place: style, badge, luxury and, of course, sound signature.

The Aston Martins of the Geneva Motor Show in 61 Photos

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While we may poke some fun at you if you think that's a Ford-face in the gallery, no one here will say anything if you have to check out the moniker of each car to make sure which Aston Martin model you're looking at – okay, with the exception of the Rapide.

Man Explains Why he Bought and Loves his Aston Martin Rapide

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The day cars will no longer be a source of joy for their passionate owners will be the day on which we will know that the world is nearing the end… It’s not the most encouraging of prospects, and while there is a sense that the day is drawing ever closer given the direction the industry is going in, it’s not here yet; if cool cars continue to be made, we will be able to keep it at bay, and save the world.

Aston Martin Debuts Q Bespoke Personalization Service in Frankfurt

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Aston Martin has revealed the “Q by Aston Martin” customizing service at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Exemplified on a Vanquish Volante model, the bespoke personalization service “goes far beyond the options list to offer demanding clients the very broadest choice and, as such, truly bespoke sports cars,” according to British brand.

Tesla Model S Drag Raced Against the Aston Martin Rapide S

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With European deliveries of the Tesla Model S started last month, we’re beginning to see more reviews of the U.S. electric sedan, as auto journalists from the Old Continent get behind the wheel of the the luxury EV. The latest one comes from UK’s Autocar, which has put the Tesla to the test against the Aston Martin Rapide S.

NCE Decapitates Acura TL Sedan, Proposes to do the Same to AM Rapide and Hyundai Equus

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To be frank, I never understood the allure or the reasoning, for that matter, behind the aftermarket conversion of four-door sedans to convertibles, but I guess each to his own taste.

While we're on the subject of taste (or the lack thereof…), the drop-top specialists over at Newport Convertible Engineering (NEC) from Placentia, California, have sharpened their scalpels on the roof of an Acura TL sedan turning it into a four-door cabriolet with a center roll-bar to keep things in place. The gold stripes running down the middle are the cherry icing to this strangely flavored cake.

Autocar Gets the Keys to Bertone's Aston Martin Jet 2+2 Shooting Brake

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Two of the current coolest fast-estates are solely one-offs, with neither getting the official confirmation for production, despite looking very promising. I am talking about the Aston Martin Jet 2+2 shooting brake and Porsche's Panamera Sports Turismo concept.

Aston Martin Sends Hydrogen-Burning Rapide S to Racing!

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Aston Martin and Alset Global, a technology and engineering company founded in 2005, have announced that they will be entering an Aston Martin Rapide S into the Nürburgring 24 Hours endurance race, which takes place May 19-20.

The car they will be using is a prototype, and it features a twin-turbo system, in addition to the fact that it can also burn both hydrogen and gasoline (in tandem or separately). The company whose name is "Tesla" spelt backwards says it plans to complete the first ever zero-emissions hydrogen-powered lap of the 'Ring, and "make history."

Aston Martin Explains the Rapide S in Five Minute-Long Video

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The Aston Martin Rapide S is one of the nicest looking four-door sedans in the world, but many will dismiss it as being a simple facelift of the previous model. Here to correct you is the firm's Director of Product Development, Ian Minards, who breaks the S apart in front of your eyes and puts all the changes they've made into perspective.

Bertone Brings Two Unique Aston Martin Jet Models to Geneva

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The Vanquish Centenary isn't the only car created by/for Aston Martin for the celebration of their 100th birthday. Aside from the limited-run production model, Bertone also presented two one-off specials at the 2013 Geneva International Motor Show.

New Rapide S Takes Center Stage at Aston Martin's Geneva Motor Show Stand

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Don’t let the “S” designation fool you: the Rapide S, which made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show, is not a sportier version of Aston Martin’s sole four-door model but its revamped replacement.

The jury is still out on that pedestrian-friendly, huge one-piece grille (the rest of the bodywork is mostly the same) but under the skin Aston’s engineers have done a lot of work.

Bertone Makes a One-Off Shooting Brake Model Out of the Aston Martin Rapide

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One very lucky (and wealthy…) Aston Martin collector from Britain will soon get his hands on a one-off, shooting brake version of the Rapide sports sedan named the Jet 2+2, which was made by Bertone, but not before the Italian coachbuilder reveals the car to the public at next week's 83rd Geneva International Auto Show.

New Aston Martin Rapide S gets 550HP and a Huge Grille [w/Video]

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If there are one or two things the Rapide wasn't short of, it sure wasn’t looks or power. On the other hand, the upper echelons of the luxury four-door sedan segment are becoming more crowded by the day and Aston Martin’s offering, which is already three years old, isn’t getting any younger.

Thus, the Gaydon-based manufacturer developed the Rapide S, a more powerful (by a significant 17 percent), redesigned and re-engineered version of its sports sedan.

Instantly recognizable by its single-, instead of two-piece, front-grille, the sportiest four-door ever built by Aston Martin keeps the Rapide’s delicious looks and adds more of everything.

EVO Reviews the Aston Martin Rapide, Compares it to the Maserati Gran Turismo

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If Aston Martin’s Rapide strikes you as an elongated DB9 with two extra doors and seats, that is because, well, it is.

Designed as a more practical alternative to the British luxury automaker’s line-up, which otherwise consists only of two-door models, the truth is that the Rapide may be the one of the sexiest four-door models on sale, but it hasn’t managed to achieve the kind of sales Aston was hoping for.