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Audi Puts Wind In Olymic Athlete's Sails

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Not everyone who could benefit from using a wind tunnel can afford one. Automakers, racing teams and aerospace companies with enormous R&D budgets tend to have them in-house, or else rent time from those who do. But sometimes athletes could stand to benefit from using them as well, and Audi is only too happy to oblige.

Top Gear Poland Has Audi S8 Plus Fight A Porsche Panamera Turbo

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In the world of flagship super-saloons, the likes of the Porsche Panamera Turbo and Audi S8 can represent the very best in luxury and performance, along with a couple of their rivals of course.

Lime Green Audi TT RS Looks Much Better Than Expected

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The Audi TT, even in RS form, could fade away in a parking full of interesting vehicles, but a splash of color could prevent that from happening.

Audi Protects Allergy Sufferers With New Climate Control Filter

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Starting June, compact Audis will roll off the assembly line with a new filter in their climate controls.

2017 Audi A5 Sportback Spied Almost Undisguised In Mumbai

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This is by far the best look we've ever had at Audi's all-new A5 Sportback, which was recently caught driving through Mumbai, India.

New Audi SQ7 TDI Flexes Its Diesel Muscles In Official Promo

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Opening the order books for the SQ7 TDI in Europe has kicked off with an official video meant to demonstrate its versatility.

Audi Really GIFs New 2017 A5 Coupe

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With less than two weeks left for the debut of the new A5 and S5 Coupes on June 2, Audi is boosting their online campaign with new animated pictures revealing bits and pieces of the car.

See Dozens Of Supercars Roar Through One Small Town

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Unless you live somewhere like Beverly Hills or Abu Dhabi, chances are you don't get to see a supercar on the road every day. That's why they're called “exotic,” after all.

Spotting more than one in the same place is no small coincidence, but in this video, you can see literally dozens of 'em rumbling through what looks to be a small town in what appears to be the Netherlands.

Bag Yourself This Rare And Really Awesome 2001 Audi S8

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If you are looking for a smart and rapid four-door German saloon, then you probably can’t go wrong with this 2001 S8 offered for sale on eBay.

McChip-DKR Boosts Audi S8 Plus To 789 Horses With Stage 3 Tune

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As the company's flagship saloon model, the S8 plus is one seriously capable luxury hauler thanks to its 605 PS V8 petrol unit.

Audi Updates 2017 MY Lineup In The US

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With more standard features, sportier interior and exterior design packages, Audi has announced a series of upgrades for the entire 2017 MY family.

Audi Rolls Out RS5 Test Mule, Drops V8 For V6 Turbo

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On June 2, we’ll have our first official encounter with Audi’s next generation A5 and S5 coupes, but Ingolstadt is also working on a successor to their high-po RS5 to compete against BMW’s M4 and Mercedes-AMG’s C63, among others.

ABT Turns The Audi S8 Plus Into A 705PS Cruise Missile

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If the regular 605PS  Audi S8 Plus seems a bit sluggish to you, ABT will happily add an extra 100 horses in there to satisfy your supercar-crushing needs.

Audi Injects Autonomous A7 Concept With Adaptive Road Manners

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The latest version of the Piloted A7 Concept has learned to adapt its driving for a more natural interaction with other road users.

605 PS Audi RS6 Avant 'Performance' Keeps A Heart Racing

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With an upgraded engine and a darkened exterior going for it, the German über-estate would definitely get the job done as an emergency organ transport vehicle.

Second-Gen Audi A1 Still Two Years Away

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The four-ring brand's supermini has already blown six candles this year, so it's nearing the end of its life cycle.

Launched at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show and hitting dealerships five months later, the A1 be replaced in a couple of years, according to AutomobileMagazine.

The city car is expected to grow in length to around 4 meters (13 feet) to improve legroom for the rear passengers.

In addition to the extra space, Audi will introduce the 12.3-inch virtual instrument cluster, called Audi Virtual Cockpit, which debuted on the TT and can also be found on other vehicles across the brand's range. This is expected to be joined by a second display in the central console.

Since the current iteration is still considered to be attractive enough for its customers, Audi doesn’t plan a radical makeover for the next generation A1, which will continue to be offered in both 3-door and 5-door Sportback versions.

As Volkswagen Group's diesel engines have fallen victims to the cheating emissions scandal and they retain high manufacturing costs and complex technology, the biggest surprise could come from the engine range, as Audi has yet to decide whether it will continue to offer the supermini with oil burners.

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Audi CEO Confirms Next A8 For 2017, Details New Models

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During Audi's annual general meeting in Ingolstadt, CEO Rupert Stadler officially confirmed the new A8's arrival in 2017, plus more than 20 new or upgraded models already set to be launched this year.

Audi’s New SQ7 Is A Battleship That Gives You All The Torque From Tickover

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With 664lb ft of torque available at just 1,000rpm, Audi’s new addition to the Q7 range can safely be listed as a game-changing machine.

2017 A5 Coupe Teaser Shows Audi Is A Bit Confused About How Camo Works

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By definition, camouflage is any color combo meant to hide objects by blending them in with their surroundings, which may hold true for an Audi A5 standing in front of a wall dressed in the same swirls, but when have you ever encountered this in the real world?

Hot Hatch Title Match: Mercedes-AMG A45 Vs Audi RS3

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After edging out the BMW M2 on this very same track, the Mercedes-AMG A45 puts its 381 PS 4-cylinder turbocharged engine to the test against what is arguably its biggest and most direct rival.