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Is This Fluffy Audi RS6 The Best Dumb And Dumber Tribute Car Ever?

Those of you who remember the Jim Carrey/Jeff Daniels comedy Dumb and Dumber from 1994, probably also remember the shaggy dog fur-covered &...

Audi RS6 Performance Seeks Redemption Against Tesla Model S P90D

If you're here to root for the internal combustion engine, watching it in twin turbo V8 form taking on a fully electrified powertrain ...

WAM's Audi RS6 And RS7 Make A Combined 1,640PS

Have you been looking at an Audi RS6 or RS7 recently and thought that either one needs more power?

Drag Race: R8 vs RS6 vs S8 Crowns Audi’s True Lord Of The Rings

Audi is currently making some truly fast cars, but which one is the true king?

Watch Two Tuned Audi RS6 Avants Race From Rolling Start

Even though we're looking at two equally powerful Audi RS6 models taking each other on in a straight line, the race still resulted wit...

Neidfaktor's Audi RS6 Is An Opulent Supercar Slayer

A new-generation Audi A6 is just around the corner but the current model, especially in range-topping RS6 guise , remains one of the marke...

Levella Puts Together Epic Drag Race With 10 Modded Cars

If you're a fan of cars racing in packs, this lineup of modded supercars tuned by Levella should satisfy your need for straight line sp...

Watch Audi RS6 Destroy Nissan GT-R In Drag Race

It’s hard to believe that the R35-generation Nissan GT-R hit the market almost a decade ago and in that time, the performance car market h...

ABT Drops More RS6+ Pics, Cabin Full Of Carbon As Expected

If you visited the 2017 Geneva Motor Show in search of the ultimate station wagon, ABT Sportsline's RS6+ should have definitely made ...

ABT's Red-Hot Audi RS6+ Is An Insane Wagon With 695HP

ABT Sportsline have a whole bunch of cool cars to present at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show , including a bonkers Audi RS6 Avant.

Audi RS6 Performance Tries To Beat 2017 Nissan GT-R Again And Again

Since all-wheel drive systems do a lot more than just help a car take off the line with limited traction loss, it's about time we saw h...

Reviewer Dubs Audi RS6 Avant As The 'True Family Supercar'

Even though there are one or two alternatives to the RS6 Avant, it seems that at least in terms of popularity, Audi's super-estate is s...

Audi To Double Number Of RS Models In Next 18 Months

Audi Sport chief executive and former Lamborghini boss Stephan Winkelmann has revealed that Audi's fleet of RS-badged models will doub...

Audi RS6 Performance Shows R8 Spyder How It's Done

In the world of high-performance family cars, it is difficult to find one more more brisk off the line than the Audi RS6 Performance .

Is The Audi RS6 Capable Of Challenging The Nissan GT-R On Track?

Ten years ago, you could only get 600 hp if you went for supercar royalty, i.e. the machines on top of the mechanical food chain. Nowadays,...

Audi RS6 Performance Enjoys Carbon Fiber Interior Makeover

German interior specialists Neidfaktor have just finished work on an Audi RS6 Performance , giving the high-performance estate an added to...

This Audi RS6 Performance Exclusive Is For The Subtle Super-Dad

Generally speaking, people driving cars capable of putting down over 600 horses, aren't all that interested in blending in.

Audi RS6 Allroad Could Launch Exclusively In China Next Year

According to a German report, Audi will launch an Allroad variant of the potent RS6 Avant next year.

An Audi RS7 Avant Makes No Sense At All Now, Does It?

If you want a powerful, luxurious, stylish and practical family estate car, it is hard to look past the Audi RS6 Avant .

This Is Audi’s Idea Of A Civil War: R8 vs RS6 vs RS3 vs S1 Plus RS2 & Ducati

Audi’s collection of fast metal is gathered in one place for a good, old-fashioned drag race.