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Reviewer Dubs Audi RS6 Avant As The 'True Family Supercar'

Even though there are one or two alternatives to the RS6 Avant, it seems that at least in terms of popularity, Audi's super-estate is s...

Audi To Double Number Of RS Models In Next 18 Months

Audi Sport chief executive and former Lamborghini boss Stephan Winkelmann has revealed that Audi's fleet of RS-badged models will doub...

Audi RS6 Performance Shows R8 Spyder How It's Done

In the world of high-performance family cars, it is difficult to find one more more brisk off the line than the Audi RS6 Performance .

Is The Audi RS6 Capable Of Challenging The Nissan GT-R On Track?

Ten years ago, you could only get 600 hp if you went for supercar royalty, i.e. the machines on top of the mechanical food chain. Nowadays,...

Audi RS6 Performance Enjoys Carbon Fiber Interior Makeover

German interior specialists Neidfaktor have just finished work on an Audi RS6 Performance , giving the high-performance estate an added to...

This Audi RS6 Performance Exclusive Is For The Subtle Super-Dad

Generally speaking, people driving cars capable of putting down over 600 horses, aren't all that interested in blending in.

Audi RS6 Allroad Could Launch Exclusively In China Next Year

According to a German report, Audi will launch an Allroad variant of the potent RS6 Avant next year.

An Audi RS7 Avant Makes No Sense At All Now, Does It?

If you want a powerful, luxurious, stylish and practical family estate car, it is hard to look past the Audi RS6 Avant .

This Is Audi’s Idea Of A Civil War: R8 vs RS6 vs RS3 vs S1 Plus RS2 & Ducati

Audi’s collection of fast metal is gathered in one place for a good, old-fashioned drag race.

605 PS Audi RS6 Avant 'Performance' Keeps A Heart Racing

With an upgraded engine and a darkened exterior going for it, the German über-estate would definitely get the job done as an emergency orga...

2016 Gumball 3000 Concludes With 10-Hour Epic Drive

This year's Gumball Rally took supercar owners and enthusiasts on an amazing journey from Dublin to Bucharest.

Prior-Design's PD600R Kit Helps Audi A6 Avant/RS6 Flex Muscles

Prior-Design just unveiled their PD600R wide-body kit , which can be fitted to all Audi A6 Avant or RS6 (C7) models.

This Slammed Audi RS6 Wears A Full Carbon Bodywork

An impressive Audi RS6 showed up in Monaco with its whole body nicely finished in naked carbon fibre.

Audi RS6 Vs Merc E63S Shows Just How Damn Quick These Super Wagons Really Are

Wagons are built mainly for families, but apparently, some families need north of 550hp for their commute.

Polar Blue Metallic RS6 By Audi Exclusive Graces Showroom Floor

When it comes to family cars, the Audi RS6 has a pretty solid monopoly on what we see when we imagine the world's ultimate wagon.

2018 Audi RS6 & RS6 Avant Rendered With Prologue Styling

If Audi's Prologue concept truly is a map of things to come, then we could be in for a styling treat with next year's all-new A6 se...

ABT Gives Audi RS6 735 Horses With Limited Edition

Audi's super estate , the RS6 Avant, was transformed by ABT Sportsline into an even more powerful machine, just in time for its debut i...

Audi Says More RS Models In The Works For U.S.

While speaking with Automobile Magazine , Audi of America director of product management Filip Brabec confirmed that the US will receive a ...

Audi RS6 Owner Becomes One-Millionth Bang & Olufsen Customer & Prize Winner

After being acquired by Harman back in May 2015, Bang & Olufsen Automotive celebrated 10 years in the industry as well as its one-mill...

Audi RS6 Allroad Quattro Could Look Like This

It might not be official, but according to a recent report the Ingolstadt officials are indeed considering making it.