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Lone BMW X3 Prototype Seen Cruising The Autobahn

Despite BMW having already unveiled the 2018 new-generation X3 back in June, it's possible the automaker may still be testing differen...

Thoughts On This Aftermarket Tuned BMW M4 GTS?

The BMW M4 GTS is overpriced and some would say even underpowered, while the orange trims aren't exactly doing it any favors.

BMW X2 With Digital Camo Goes To Milan For Fashion Week

Even though BMW aren't in a rush to unveil the X2 , the newest member of the automaker's X range has already started exploring the ...

BMW M Isn't Interested In Four-Cylinder Engines, For Now

We're not sure if it's good or bad news for BMW enthusiasts, but the brand's M division isn’t looking to launch any high perfo...

Disgruntled BMW Owner Burns 7-Series Outside Munich HQ

Italian businessman and serial BMW owner Pourmohseni Hadi is not a happy man.

Aussie Police Getting 80 BMW 530ds To Use As Patrol Cars

Police fleets from all over the world are already using certain BMWs , with Australia set to join them next year with 80 units of the new 5...

BMW X3 M Drops Some Camouflage, Could Pack 460 HP

The strip tease continues as a lightly camouflaged BMW X3 M has been caught undergoing testing on the Nürburgring.

J.D. Power UK Reliability Study Says BMW And Audi Have Fallen From Grace To Last Place

While Kia and Volvo are tied for the highest ranking in vehicle dependability, the likes of Audi and BMW have hit rock bottom, according t...

BMW M760Li Stands Out In Rallye Green

With a twin-turbo V12 good for 601 horsepower, the BMW M760Li is hardly what you'd call “green.” But this particular example would beg...

G-Power's BMW X5 M Is An Extroverted Typhoon With 750 Horses [w/Video]

Using words such as 'Typhoon' or 'Hurricane' to describe cars is not exactly appropriate these days, after the natural disa...

Hyundai Development Boss Says BMW And Mercedes Waste Money On Useless Tech

Cars are increasingly becoming computers on wheels and that line is starting to blur even more with the advent of autonomous driving techno...

This BMW X8 Is An X7 SAV In Disguise

All that talk about a possible BMW X8 has opened the appetite of Photoshop manipulators, who didn’t take long to imagine how such a vehicl...

BMW Confirms Neew M5 Competition Package

BMW has confirmed that it will launch a Competition Package version of the 2018 M5 .

BMW M2 CSL Slated To Have Around 400 HP

BMW recently confirmed plans to resurrect the CSL moniker and new details are starting to emerge about the M2 CSL .

Here’s Your Chance To Own One Of The 75 Alpina B9 3.5 Coupes Ever Made

If you are out on the market for an E24 6-Series then this might brighten your day.

BMW To Use A Single Platform For All Post-2020 Models

BMW will build all of its vehicles around a common flexible architecture from 2020 onwards.

BMW M Boss Confirms The Return Of CSL Models

Rumors about a new BMW CSL model have been swirling for years but BMW M boss Frank Van Meel has finally confirmed it is happening.

Which Of These Premium Estate Cars Would You Own?

Believe it or not, owning an Estate rather than a medium-sized crossover or a large SUV can be considered out of the ordinary nowadays.

BMW Wants To Eliminate Car Keys For Good

BMW is looking into ditching the traditional car key according to Ian Robertson, the company’s board member responsible for sales.

Is BMW Looking To Challenge The Bentley Bentayga With An X8 CUV?

Developing their largest and most luxurious SUV yet, the X7, isn’t apparently enough for BMW, as they could go above and beyond, with a po...