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First Photos of Facelifted BMW M135i

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BMW had previously detailed the changes on the flagship version of its facelifted 1-Series, the M135i, but this is our first look at the car.

Watch South African Thugs Posing as Cops Try to Hijack Couple in BMW X5

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A group of men reportedly dressed in South African Police Service (SAPS) uniforms attempted to hijack a vehicle in Pretoria on Thursday, with an eyewitness capturing the scene on film.

Facelifted BMW 1-Series Launch Film is Hipster Friendly

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BMW wants its recently facelifted 1-Series to appeal to young people, ideally those who can afford it and have nothing against owning a car.

Facelifted BMW 1-Series: Problem Solved

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The facelift of the BMW 1-Series solved one of the hatchback’s biggest issues by replacing the awkward-looking headlamps with a more handsome pair of units.

However, the restyling also brought new taillights, and there are already voices saying that BMW should have not touched them, as the ones from the pre-facelift model were just fine.

2016 BMW 1-Series Facelift: This Is It In 100 Photos [w/Video]

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For better or for worse – we'll let you be the judge of that, BMW has given the 1-Series hatchback a cosmetic facelift accompanied by the addition of its new three-cylinder power units.

BMW Video Teases 2016 1-Series Facelift, Plus Official Image

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According to this short teaser video, BMW will unveil the revised 2016 1-Series hatchback on Friday, January 16.

BMW 1-Series Facelift Expected to Get Prettier Face, 3-Cylinder Engines

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BMW will unveil the facelifted 1-Series in January 2015, prior to the car’s debut at the Geneva Motor Show, with the Germans preparing significant styling and mechanical upgrades.

Mazda3 Takes on Equally Priced Audi A3 and BMW 1-Series

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There’s a very thin line between premium and mainstream offerings in the small and compact segments, and the following comparative review proves it.

BMW M135i Hatch with M235i Coupe Front End Conversion Looks So Much Nicer

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The BMW 1-Series' upcoming facelift may or may not address our niggles about the googly eyes, but one M135i owner found a solution: he grafted on the snout of the much better looking M235i coupe.

Scoop: BMW to Facelift RWD 1-Series Hatch Before it Replaces it with a FWD Model

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You're looking at what is likely the last rear-wheel drive hatch from BMW, the facelifted 1-Series that we spied in both regular and M135i trims, while also snagging a pic of its interior.

Future BMW Models to Have More Individual Styling

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The next generation of BMW’s mainstream models will be more differentiated from each other in terms of styling, the company’s design boss has revealed.

BMW's New 1-Series 'Baby' Sedan Could Have Been A Modern E30 But It Won't Be

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BMW's engineers are toiling away on their next big-small project, the 1-Series sedan, poised to join the battle against the Audi A3 saloon and Mercedes-Benz CLA.
Before we let your imagination run wild, let's put a stop to any meaningful associations between BMW's upcoming 1-Series sedan and its famed E30 3-Series: yes, the two cars should have a similar footprint, and in some ways, target a similar audience, but one fundamental ingredient from the E30 formula is missing: rear wheel drive.

The new 1-Series will not be based on the 2-Series Coupe or current 1-Series hatchback, but on the same UKL (Unter Klasse or entry-level) structure as the front-wheel drive 2-Series Active Tourer, also shared with the latest Mini hatch.

A four-wheel drive option could be on the table for select engines, which will likely be common with the 2-Series AT and include both petrol and diesel units ranging in displacement from 1.5- to 2.0-liters paired to six-speed manual or nine-speed automatic transmissions.

A sported-up M125i with a 2.0-liter turbo'd four is expected to be on offer as well providing BMW with an Audi S3 rival.

As for when we can expect to see the 1-Series sedan, a production model is slated for launch in late 2016 or early 2017, but BMW could give us a sampler via a concept model as early as next year.

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New BMW 1-Series DTM Edition Offers M Sport Package at a Huge Discount

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After releasing the M4 DTM Champion edition, BMW continues to celebrate its titles in both the 2014 DTM Drivers' and Constructors' championships with the 1-Series DTM Edition.

First Brazilian BMW Rolls Off the Assembly Line, a 328i ActiveFlex

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BMW’s new South American automobile plant in Araquari, Brazil has assembled its first car, a BMW 328i ActiveFlex that can run on either ethanol or petrol.

Scoop: BMW Eyes CLA and A3 with New 1-Series Compact Sedan

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If you were shaking your head and asking yourself, "What's next?" for BMW after the FWD 2-Series Active Tourer, the answer is a baby 3-Series in the guise of the 1-Series Sedan.

Scoop: BMW 1-Series to Get a New Face, But Will it be Prettier?

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A refresh is in order for BMW's pug-faced 1-Series hatchback with our spies snagging a three-door model testing in Europe.

BMW 1 Series Sedan Concept Rendering Doesn't Look Half Bad

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Back in the fall of 2013, a number of rather interesting reports from Germany started suggesting that BMW is not too happy with the recent success of the Audi A3 Sedan and the Mercedes-Benz CLA, and that the Bavarians are preparing a competitor of their own for the two aforementioned models.

You Won't Believe What a D'Bag This BMW Driver is

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Warning: Some readers may find the video footage disturbing

The first time I watched this dash-cam video and as the scene progressed, I was expecting something like a small fender bender or perhaps a tussle between the two drivers, but nothing could have prepared me for what happened next

BMW M135i Hatch Spied with a Lightly Refreshed Face

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From day 1, the F20 1-Series' Pug-face with those gaping-eye headlamps has been at the center of criticism in regards to the premium hatchback's exterior styling. BMW did a better job with the related 2-Series Coupe and Cabriolet, but if you were expecting the same for the facelifted 1-Series hatch, these scoop shots will likely leave you with a bitter taste.

Classic Mercedes SL Gullwing Crashes and Burns in Mille Miglia Accident [w/Video]

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There’s a very good reason why those who participate in the Mille Miglia have been, from 1977 on, held back from driving it like an actual race. A total of 56 drivers died between 1927 and 1957, after which it was put on hold completely for two decades, before being reborn the way we know it today, as a slow-paced historic rally.