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This BMW E30 Wagon Has Box Flares And A Lively E46 M3 Powertrain

BMW never made an E30 M3 wagon , but that doesn’t mean you can’t get one on your driveway.

What's The Best Compact Luxury Sedan In The Market?

Finding a clear cut winner between seven great sports sedan models isn't as easy as some may think, and yet, one German car did manage...

BMW E30 Is A True Smoke Machine

Some BMW 3-Series models from the E30 generation, especially the M3 and 320is , are changing hands for large sums on the used car market. ...

Tesla Model 3 Watch Out, All-Electric BMW 3-Series Reportedly Headed To Frankfurt

BMW's electric vehicle lineup is currently limited to the i3 but that could soon be changing.

Next-Gen BMW 3-Series Enjoys A Good Run On The Nurburgring

BMW is getting ready to put some more pressure on the luxury compact segment by introducing a new generation of the 3-Series .

Next BMW 3-Series Will Gain M Performance Variants, M3 Gets Electrification

Following the launch of the redesigned 5- and 7-Series , BMW is hard at working putting the finishing touches on the new 3-Series .

BMW 330e Takes On Mercedes C350e In All-PHEV Luxury Battle

If you want to make a jump from petrol or diesel cars to something a little more efficient, opting for a plug-in hybrid model is the best ...

BMW To Extend Production Halts In Germany To China And South Africa Due To Shortage

BMW is planning to extend its production stop from Germany to China and South Africa as the carmaker is dealing with shortages on steering...

BMW E46 Driver Almost Loses Door On The 'Ring, Calls It Instant Weight Reduction And Moves On

Where will you be when your rear car door opens, and the interior trim almost flies off?

BMW Expands 2018 3-Series Range With Three New Editions

Alongside launching the facelifted 1-Series and 2-Series , BMW has also unveiled three new 3-Series edition models set to be available fro...

Mercedes C63 AMG And 900 HP BMW 335i Engage In Burnout War

While some many consider minivans or SUVs as the ultimate family cars, there are a handful of station wagons that are so crazy that they’r...

Used Car Guide: 2005-2006 BMW 320si Is The Poor Man’s Four-Pot M3 E90

Want a future classic Bimmer for just a fraction of an M3 s money ? Start reading… The BMW 320si is not another special edition with a ha...

BMW Individual Laguna Seca 330xi Wagon Is A Visual Treat, But Boy Is It Expensive

If you thought a BMW 330i  Sports Wagon (US-speak for Touring) couldn't cost you more than an M3 , you probably never considered check...

Upcoming BMW M340i Looks Promising During Testing

BMW is thought to be swiftly developing a rival to the Audi S4 and Mercedes-AMG C43 dubbed the M340i. It recently took a heavily disguise...

Rose BMW Individual 328d Wagon Has Over $37,000 In Optional Equipment, Costs $82k!

While getting the Individual treatment from BMW and losing yourself in the options list can lead to extremely high prices, sometimes you r...

Manhart's M5 V10-Powered BMW 3-Series Touring Is The M3 Wagon We Craved For

If you liked the previous generation BMW 3-Series Touring's somewhat understated prowess, wait until you see what Manhart Racing did w...

Can We Interest You In A Very Rare 1988 BMW 320is M Tech?

There was a time when buying a car with an engine larger than 2 liters, literally meant paying an arm and a leg in several European countri...

2019 BMW 3-Series Filmed Practicing Its Moves On The Snow

BMW continues working on the next 3-Series, codenamed G20, with our spies filming early prototypes during cold-weather testing.

BMW Plugs Into NY Auto Show With Family Of Electrified Vehicles

BMW have announced their presence for the 2017 New York Auto Show with an extensive lineup.

G-Power Pumps New Blood Into BMW 330i E46 And Z4

Do you happen to be in possession of a BMW 330i E46 or a Z4 E85 and are on the lookout for a performance upgrade?