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BMW M1 Chassis No. 001 Is Up For Grabs

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An extremely rare 1977 BMW M1 E26 popped up for sale.

BMW Built A One-Off M3 “Münchner Wirte” For Oktoberfest [w/Video]

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BMW M is honoring this year’s Oktoberfest with a one-off M3 in “Münchner Wirte” livery.

Dealer Wants $965,000 For Rare 1981 BMW M1 In Original Polaris Silver Paint

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BMW only built three M1 supercars in the Polaris Silver paint as a special request, and one of them has recently surfaced for sale.

BMW i8 Meets Spiritual Precursor, the M1 on Track

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The i8 may be a smartphone on wheels in order to appeal to modern buyers, but it’s BMW’s only mid-engined production car since the M1 – it’s a historic model.

The latter was not very popular in its day, and judging by the positive impression it leaves in the video below (plus its attractive Italian-inspired looks), we wonder why that was – the modern i8 has no such problems and there’s a two-year waiting list for one.

Restored 1979 BMW M1 Procar Handed Over to Owner at BMW Welt

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It’s not every day that a perfectly restored 1979 BMW M1 Procar race car shows up at the BMW Welt in Munich, a place where usually brand new cars are picked up by their owners.

BMW Entered Three Great Cars Into Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion

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After the announcement that BMW would race an Alpina 2002ti at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, the company has added two more of its classic cars – including a very special M1.

Owner Talks About Love His Affair with BMW M1

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Few people have seen a BMW M1 (E26) in real life, but it’s that kind of car that even if you haven’t seen yourself, you need to be aware of and acknowledge its significance and the fact that it has an intoxicating straight-six noise that would make the new speaker-augmented M3/M4 blush in shame.

Ford Mustang Tops List of Most Wanted Classic Cars in European Survey

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This may come as a surprise to many of you living in the United States, but the Ford Mustang has been voted the most desirable classic car in Europe.

A survey of 75,046 Europeans carried out by used car selling site AutoScout24, revealed that more than one in three enthusiasts on the continent (37 percent) dreams of owning a Mustang. The legendary BMW M1 came second with 20 percent of the votes, while the VW Beetle was third, with 11 percent.

BMW Gets Artsy with Burlesque Style Photos Featuring the 6 Series Gran Coupé

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BMW will take part in the inaugural fair of Paris Photo at LA’s Paramount Pictures Studios, where the German carmaker will present the 1979 M1 Art Car by Andy Warhol, as well as a rare making of footage of this work. BMW will also display a set of Burlesque Style Photos featuring the 6-Series Gran Coupé by German photographer Uwe Düttmann.

Need for Speed: This is How EA Game's VP Rolls at Work

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How would you imagine a high-ranking executive of a large gaming company like Electronic Arts (EA) arriving at work? Sure, the developer has produced some popular racing games like Need for Speed and the Burnout series, but what about its management; do they have any real love/interest for cars?

We cannot speak for all the top brass, but we can tell you that Patrick Söderlund, the executive vice president of the EA Games Label, definitely seems like our kind of guy; from the car the Swedish native rolls in, to the fact that he makes a point to note in his 'About' page on EA that he spends his spare time driving race cars.

Schwabenfolia Squeezes Some Color on the BMW 1-Series M Coupe

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Leave it to a German tuner with a tongue twister name like Schwabenfolia to go all lime green with a limited edition sports car like the BMW 1-Series M Coupe, of which a little over 6,300 units were produced during a ~1-year run.

But fear not, as Schwabenfolia didn't actually paint the Bavarian coupe, instead, it applied a lime green foil wrap, which is priced at €2,150 (US$2,850).

G-Power's BMW 1 M Coupe with 591HP Supercharged V8 will Put Hair on Your Chest

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The original BMW 1 M Coupe sporting a 335hp (340PS) 3.0-liter turbocharged six is the fastest regular production 1-Series model money can get, but if you are willing to spend a small fortune, you can turn it into something much faster and far, far more brutal in every way.

G-Power Builds Insane BMW 1 M Coupé with 592HP V8 and Top Speed of 330km/h – 205MPH

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It was not too long ago that G-Power introduced its first take on the BMW 1 M Coupé with a 429hp (435PS) performance tune. Now, the famed BMW tuning brand is taking it a few steps further with its new G1 V8 HURRICANE RS model.

While the G-Power 1 M Coupé made use of the original model's 3.0-liter turbocharged straight six, the G1 HURRICANE RS borrows the 4.0-liter V8 engine from the M3 E92 Coupe.

In fact, G-Power installed the entire powertrain from the M3 including the DCT double-clutch transmission gearbox and stainless steel exhaust system, and while it was at it, also made use of the M3's front and rear axles!

Being the power-hungry company that it is, the Germany tuner wasn't satisfied with the stock engine's 414hp (420PS) so it bolted on a customized ASA supercharger system along with several other goods such as an aluminium cast air box that boost output to 591hp (600PS) and peak torque to 580Nm (428 lb-ft).

BMW 1-Series M Coupe Falls into the Hands of G-Power and gets 429HP

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Renowned BMW tuner G-Power has presented its take on the youngest and smallest member of the M family, the 1-Series M Coupe.

At the core of the upgrade package is a comprehensive tune of the 1M Coupe's 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six.

The German firm's engineers raise the pulse of the force-fed powerplant with an elaborate kit that includes reprogrammed software, flow optimized downpipes, enlarged capacity for the boost cooling system and a lightweight custom exhaust system made from titanium that shaves 20kg (44 pounds) over the stock exhaust.

BMW M Remembers its Roots and How the Sub-Brand Took Off

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Forty years ago, in May of 1972, BMW introduced a new sub-division for its racing activities named BMW Motorsport GmbH.

After the success of cars like the 3.0 CSL Coupé on the racetrack, the sub-brand that eventually became known simply as BMW M, introduced its first production model, the limited run M1 in 1978.

1980 BMW M1 Coupe with Only 2,200 Miles Pops Up for Sale in Texas

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As strange as it may sound to most drivers, the more rare and expensive a classic sports car is, the more chances you have of finding one with very few miles on the odometer and in pristine condition in the used car market.

Case in point, yet another very low mileage 1980 BMW M1 Coupe, which just came into the possession of Austin, Texas-based car dealer Motoreum.

Alpha-N Reveals 404HP BMW 1-Series M Coupe RS

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Picking up from where the short-lived Brabham Racing tuning brand left after a legal battle with three-time Formula One champion Jack Brabham, Alpha-N has presented a new tuning package for the BMW 1-Series M Coupe.

H&R Tunes the BMW 1-Series M Coupe

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The limited production BMW 1-Series M Coupe is a fine car, but suspension and tuning specialist H&R believes it can make it even better with some select upgrades.

Developed by the American arm of H&R, the 1-Series M Coupe Project gets a light makeover with the addition of European headlights and headlight switch, a white color surround for the double kidney grille and BMW M racing decals on the front end and behind the front fenders.

Spied: New BMW M135i Three-Door Hatch Flexes its Turbo'd Straight-Six on the Nürburgring

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After presenting the M135i Concept sports hatch at last month's Geneva Motor Show, BMW is now concentrating on finishing the development of the production model that will arrive in European showrooms either at the end of this year or in early 2013.

If you exclude the patches of swirly camouflage on the car's profile and the lack of the M Performance brand's traditional tricolor stripes on the sides, nothing else has changed over the prototype model.

The production M135i is based on the soon to be revealed three-door hatchback body-style of the latest 1-Series adding an assortment of M aero parts such as the front bumper, side skirts amd a different rear bumper that accommodates an integrated diffuser and dark chrome-trimmed exhausts pipes.

Other parts worth mentioning include the mirror caps in Ferric Grey and side window surrounds in gloss black plus the new 18-inch alloy wheels.

Tuningwerk Winds BMW 1M Coupe RS up Past 500-Horsepower

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Modifying a high-performance model like the BMW 1M Coupe is no easy task but it's one that Germany's Tuningwerk is more than happy to accept.

What you see here is the result of Tuningwerk's efforts to create a street-legal track racer out of the M brand's entry-level model and which it calls the 1M RS.

At the heart of the car lies a heavily tuned version of the 1M's 3.0-liter turbocharged inline six, which is loaded with 335-horses and 450Nm (332 lb-ft of torque) out of the factory.