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G-Power Calls This The "Ultimate M5", We Just Call it Awesome

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The BMW M5 F10 is already one of the world's fastest saloons. It will get from 0 to 100km/h (62mph) in 4.3 seconds and hold its own against some of the fastest supercars money can buy. But is that enough?

Restomodded BMW E9 CS Body on E39 M5’s V8, Chassis

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The car you see here is rather unique in that it’s not just a 1970s BMW E9 coupe with an engine transplant, but the two-door’s body plopped on top of an E39 M5 chassis complete with V8 engine.

Tuned BMW M5 Races a Stock M3, for Some Reason

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Remember that tuned BMW M5 from a month ago that could hang with the Nissan GT-R? Here it is again taking on a stock M3. The result is both obvious as well as irrelevant.

Here's Proof That BMW is Testing an AWD M5 xDrive!

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Rumors about BMW evaluating all-wheel drive for their M models (besides their SUVs, that is) have been around for a while, but now, for the first time, we have hard evidence that they've moved from theory to actual field tests.

AMS Performance Will Make You a Very Happy BMW M5 Owner

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Having finally broken into the ECU set, AMS Performance is putting together a tuning package that will set your M5's wheels on fire with the help of 643whp and 606 lb-ft.

Last BMW M5 “30 Jahre” Limited Edition Model in the US Fetches $700,000 at Auction

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The last of the 30 BMW M5 “30 Jahre” special edition models imported to the United States has been sold for a whopping $700,000 at Barrett Jackson’s Scottsdale auction on January 15.

Tuned BMW M5 F10 Takes on Stock Nissan GT-R

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Usually, tuned cars racing stock vehicles isn't all that interesting and it surely isn't fair at all. But sometimes, if the power difference isn't significant, you can draw some interesting conclusions.

America's New Muscle Versus Europe's Finest Super Models [Part 2]

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Welcome to Part II of our massive ‘America's New Muscle Versus Europe's Finest Super Models’ Feature, where we basically played match-maker for America’s best of the best on four wheels.

After Part I, the score is tied between the US and Europe at 2-2. So let’s go ahead and start the next duel with two torque monsters!

America's New Muscle Versus Europe's Finest Super Models [Part 1]

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You unlock it by barely touching the door handle; you get in and find that the steering wheel is almost on the same level with your face. You feel the unmatched premium quality leather and aluminum around you. It feels cold and expensive, as if you could put “luxury” and “surgical” in the same sentence.

Next-Gen BMW M5 & M6 Could Get All-Wheel Drive

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In case you were wondering how BMW plans to make the M5 even quicker and actually let you explore all of the power by giving you optimal traction, well,  it's called xDrive.

BMWs Run Deep in this Family of Fives

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The E28 BMW 5-Series is a very restrained product of the sex-obsessed 80s. Its sober lines and monolithic appearance still make it an imposing machine today, although it’s much more than its look that have made this family get one for each member.

iPE Innotech Exhaust System Makes BMW M5 Sound Meaner

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If you're a fan of the F10 BMW M5, then you're probably a little bit disappointed in the way its exhaust system sounds in comparison to the E60 V10's throaty roar.

BMW Abu Dhabi's Customized M5, M4 Cabrio and X5 50i

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If there's a BMW showroom with a higher refresh rate and a bigger variety of customized cars than Abu Dhabi Motors, we've yet to hear about it.

Dash Wars: BMW M5 E39 vs. E55 AMG W210 Merc

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Here's a classic acceleration test for you. These two iconic German saloon cars were for a period of years, the best that BMW and Mercedes-Benz had to offer. This video will give you a good idea about how a drag race would have looked like between the two.

Ubisoft's The Crew Unleashes F10 BMW M5 and Z4 GT3

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If you're looking for the ultimate open world racing game either for your console or your PC, look no further than The Crew - Ubisoft's take on automotive virtual heaven.

Super Sedan Showdown: 2016 CTS-V vs. Charger Hellcat vs. M5 vs. E63 S AMG

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Christmas arrived early this year as Cadillac unveiled the all-new 2016 CTS-V. According to the latest release, the monstrous Caddy boasts a staggering 640hp and 630 lb.-ft. of torque. To put this in perspective, the CTS-V is merely down 10hp and 20 lb.-ft. of torque compared to the mighty Chevy Corvette Z06. However, how does the CTS-V compare to the German rivals BMW M5 and Mercedes E63 AMG?

Californian Customer Gets BMW M5 with $10,824 Individual Paint Job

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Remember BMW's most expensive paint job, the Individual Pure Metal Silver with the $10k price tag? Someone just took delivery of a new M5 finished in the pricey shade in California.

Euro-Bumper 1988 BMW M5 Looks Sweet But Costs $38k

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The first BMW 5-Series to ever wear the M5 badge was the E28 and we found one in a great condition on eBay.

Over 100,000 People Think BMW M Power Facebook Page Will Give Two M5s on Christmas…

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Spam-farm Facebook pages calling users to "Like This Post to [insert something here]" have been around, well, ever since the inception of the thumbs up action. It's called a farming scam.

Most of the times, you can easily tell legit from fake Facebook pages without even researching it; I mean, do you seriously really think that BMW M's division would ever give away two M5 sedans for Christmas through Facebook likes?

And let's say for a minute you did, the fact that among the multiple postings on the newly created page shows the older generation of the M5 wrapped like a present (that picture was from a 2007 forum posting on M5Board) or even worse, images of the 2-Series Active Tourer, should ring a bell…

Said Facebook page is called "BMW M Power" (don't click like or share it on your timeline…) and since this morning, it gained more than 30,000 Likes reaching over 100,000 by the time we wrote this post.

CNN had a report about Facebook Like Farming in January. "The average user doesn't know any better," Tim Senft, founder of Facecrooks, which monitors scams and other illegal or unethical behavior on Facebook, told the news station. "I think their common sense tells them it's not true, but in the back of their minds, they think 'What if it is true? What does it hurt if I press like?' or whatever."

According to the same report, typically, the purpose of these pages that draw tens or even hundreds of thousands of likes and shares in a very short time, is to either change the name of the page and promote something else or sell the page through black-market websites.

However, sometimes, there's a darker motive as these pages may be used to spread malware, not directly (nothing will happen if you just click like), but through malicious Facebook apps or external links shared on the page.

So, next time you see something that's too good to be true, then it probably is…

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UK’s Least Reliable Car Would Have M5 Engine, RS6 Suspension and Jeep Gearbox

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The hideous car in the photo is a mash-up of the UK’s least reliable cars according to automotive specialist Warranty Direct. Dubbed “Horrific 40RR0R”, it’s the UK’s nightmare car, as it costs an average £550 when it breaks down every other month.