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Euro-Bumper 1988 BMW M5 Looks Sweet But Costs $38k

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The first BMW 5-Series to ever wear the M5 badge was the E28 and we found one in a great condition on eBay.

Over 100,000 People Think BMW M Power Facebook Page Will Give Two M5s on Christmas…

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Spam-farm Facebook pages calling users to "Like This Post to [insert something here]" have been around, well, ever since the inception of the thumbs up action. It's called a farming scam.

Most of the times, you can easily tell legit from fake Facebook pages without even researching it; I mean, do you seriously really think that BMW M's division would ever give away two M5 sedans for Christmas through Facebook likes?

And let's say for a minute you did, the fact that among the multiple postings on the newly created page shows the older generation of the M5 wrapped like a present (that picture was from a 2007 forum posting on M5Board) or even worse, images of the 2-Series Active Tourer, should ring a bell…

Said Facebook page is called "BMW M Power" (don't click like or share it on your timeline…) and since this morning, it gained more than 30,000 Likes reaching over 100,000 by the time we wrote this post.

CNN had a report about Facebook Like Farming in January. "The average user doesn't know any better," Tim Senft, founder of Facecrooks, which monitors scams and other illegal or unethical behavior on Facebook, told the news station. "I think their common sense tells them it's not true, but in the back of their minds, they think 'What if it is true? What does it hurt if I press like?' or whatever."

According to the same report, typically, the purpose of these pages that draw tens or even hundreds of thousands of likes and shares in a very short time, is to either change the name of the page and promote something else or sell the page through black-market websites.

However, sometimes, there's a darker motive as these pages may be used to spread malware, not directly (nothing will happen if you just click like), but through malicious Facebook apps or external links shared on the page.

So, next time you see something that's too good to be true, then it probably is…

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UK’s Least Reliable Car Would Have M5 Engine, RS6 Suspension and Jeep Gearbox

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The hideous car in the photo is a mash-up of the UK’s least reliable cars according to automotive specialist Warranty Direct. Dubbed “Horrific 40RR0R”, it’s the UK’s nightmare car, as it costs an average £550 when it breaks down every other month.

BMW M5's Drag Race Win Over Ferrari FF Stirs Controversy on YouTube

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A drag race between BMW's latest M5 and Ferrari's four-seater from the speed-loving Swedes at GTBoard has created a bit of tension on YouTube's comments area.

1993 BMW M5 with 9,801 Miles will Cost You More Than a Brand New M5

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Prices of BMW's older M models continue to soar to ridiculous levels with an extremely low mileage 1993 M5 E34 currently listed for sale at a whopping $95,000.

BMW's First M5 E28 Meets Latest M5 F10 for a Walkaround

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Nearly thirty years separate BMW's first M5-badged car of the E28 generation built from 1985 to 1988 and its latest F10 M5 available since 2011.

Shelfie: BMW M5 F10 Driver Fought the Rain, and the Rain Won

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A BMW M5 in Vancouver, Canada, was captured on a rear-parcel shelf camera (the dashcam's reverse twin – how about we call it the 'Shelfie'?) crashing into a bus stop.

BMW Drifts the 600PS M5 “30 Jahre M5” for Your Viewing Pleasure

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The most powerful BMW M5 ever made, the “30 Jahre M5” limited edition, is also the most powerful model currently built by BMW M GmbH.

Guess Who Wins Track Battle Between Nissan GT-R and BMW M5?

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Even though the BMW M5 with the Competition Package has 567hp, its weight is what ultimately lets it down in this EVO track battle against the slightly less powerful Nissan GT-R.

Ex-Paul Walker & Roger Rodas AE Collection 2000 BMW M5 for Sale

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For many BMW and auto enthusiasts in general, myself included, the M5 E39 is the…M3 E30 of the 5-Series range - the quintessential German performance saloon, if you prefer. Fairly low mileage examples are always a treat, even more so when they look like this cosmetically spotless 2000 M5 (just look at that interior).

BMW Allocates 30 M5 "30 Jahre" Editions to UK, Each Priced at £91,890

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The most powerful production BMW model ever offered, the new special edition M5 "30 Jahre" that celebrates the high-performance series' 30th anniversary, is on sale now in the UK.

New BMW M5 "30 Jahre M5" Special Edition with 600PS Limited to 300 Units Worldwide

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BMW is throwing its hat in the air and shouting "happy 30th birthday M5!" with the release of a new limited edition of the current F10 generation model dubbed "30 Jahre M5", which as you probably have already guessed, translates to "30 Years M5", but sounds way cooler in German when it's linked to a $100k price tag (or somewhere around that region as BMW hasn't released pricing yet).

Imprudent BMW M5 E60 Driver Loses it and Almost Hits Onlookers

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As it turns out, watching performance cars attending local events can be a hazardous leisure pursuit - just off the top of our head, we recall incidents with a De Tomaso in Sweden, a Ford Mustang in Britain, a Ferrari 458 in Brazil, a Koenigsegg CCX in Poland and Mazda RX-7 Veilside in Japan.

New BMW M5 30th Anniversary Edition Dealer Brochure Allegedly Leaked, Packs 600PS!

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This year marks the 30th anniversary from the birth of BMW's M5 series with the E28-chassis model that was presented at the Amsterdam Motor Show in 1984, and to celebrate the occasion, the Bavarians are rumored to be preparing a special edition model with more power and unique styling cues.

Turning a 2013MY BMW M5 Into a Discreetly Facelifted 2014MY

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Most people would have an extremely difficult time telling the 2013MY (2012 for readers outside North America) BMW M5 F10 apart from the Life Cycle Impulse or LCI, which is Bavarian talk for facelift, that was launched the following year.

Vauxhall VXR8 GTS Takes on BMW M5 with Competition Pack

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When Vauxhall imported the Holden Gen-F GTS to the UK and rebadged it as the VXR8 GTS, its goal was to offer an alternative to the segment’s benchmark, the BMW M5. But can the Vauxhall VXR8 GTS rival the M5? To find out, Autocar drove the two cars back to back.

Chic or Freak? BMW 3-Series E46 Gets a Rustic Interior Makeover

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If there's one thing you can't say about Bulgarian design house Vilner, it's a lack of imagination when it comes to restyling vehicle interiors - just look at the one pictured here, which is from a regular BMW 3-Series E46 sedan.

Look How This Man Took Delivery of a New i3 and M5 from BMW Welt

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This guy sure loves BMWs, though, I do suspect that some propeller-badge fans may have opted, or at least tried to execute the transfer of the cars the other way around…

BMW Unchains M5 with Competition Package

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BMW is promoting the latest M5 with the newly available Competition Package that brings a little bit more power at 567hp (575 PS) and chassis improvements, in a more manly and tougher way through a fresh promotional clip titled "BMW M5. FINALLY UNCHAINED".

Video Portrays BMW M5 as Luxo-Barge, Not Sports Saloon…

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One runs out of original ways in which to praise the old E60 BMW M5, but even if you don’t agree with the positive publicity it’s been getting ever since the F10-generation turbocharged replacement came out, you should at least concede that the first makes you weak at the knees, while the other just does not.