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U Spy New Mini Convertible and BMW – Can You Tell Which One it is?

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BMW Group engineers are out and about these days taking advantage of the warm weather in Europe to test their upcoming vehicles.

New BMW X1 Exclusive Sport Limited Edition for Japan

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If it seems that not a week goes by without BMW treating Japanese consumers with some sort of a limited edition, that's because it was actually…seven days ago that the Bavarians released the Z4 sDrive 20i GT in the Land of the Rising Sun.

New 2016 BMW X1 Spied in More Production Ready Form

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BMW is approaching closer to the presentation of the second generation X1, as evidenced by the prototype spied here wearing near-production front and rear end components like the headlamps.

Next-Generation BMW X1 May Get an M Version

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BMW M sales boss Jörg Bartels said nothing is off the table for the performance division, despite the fact that an M4 Gran Coupe model is not seen as possible at the moment.

New BMW X1 Squeals its Wheels on the Nürburgring Nordschleife

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Here's another scoop video of BMW's testers pushing a prototype of the next generation X1 crossover on Germany's favorite track, the Nürburgring.

FWD-Based 2016 BMW X1 Looks and Sounds Like a Tall Hot Hatch around the 'Ring

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Looking very planted and capable around the Nurburigring, the recently scooped 2016 BMW X1 F48 has the feel of a totally different kind of vehicle when going fast – you don’t even have to be aboard the car to see it, and a video such as the Ring testing one uploaded by TouriClips is eloquent enough.

Spy Shots: New BMW X1 Switches to FWD Platform and Gains 3-Cylinder Engines

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The closer BMW edges to being a…Volkswagen brand of this world instead of an exclusively premium manufacturer, the more mainstream some of its products become, and you can see this from the designs to the expansion into popular segments and the adoption of front-wheel drive platforms for models like the X1.

BMW Brushes Up the X1 Compact Crossover for 2014MY

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After roaming alone in the lower priced (and sized) segments of the SUV luxury market for about a year and a half in the States, BMW's X1 will soon have to make space and greet two new rivals from its traditional German rivals, Audi and Mercedes-Benz, which will launch the GLA and Q3 respectively.

BMW Introduces Light Updates to the X1 for the 2014 Model Year

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Following last year’s facelift, BMW is updating its smallest crossover once again for the 2014 model year. Set for a world premiere at the Detroit Auto Show, the 2014 BMW X1 will bring new exterior accents, a more refined interior and new equipment features.

Spied: BMW Going in Circles with Next 2016 X1 Compact Crossover

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No, the development of the new BMW X1 hasn't hit a snag; our title is a literal reference to the camouflaged prototype that our spies filmed going in circles for testing purposes (or to flirt around with our photographers).

Poor Brake Lubrication Leads to BMW Recalling 176,000 Four-Cylinder Models

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BMW has issued a global recall on some 176,000 models fitted with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engines from the 2012-2014 model years, and specifically, the N20 and N26 codenamed units, because of a problem with the power brake system.

Spied: Here's a Better Look at BMW's New X1 Compact SUV

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A prototype of the new generation BMW X1 codenamed F48 and expected to launch in late 2015, has made another appearance in front of our scoop photographers all-seeing digital eyes, this time, not on the back of a truck, but on the road.

Scoop: All-New 2016 BMW X1 Flaunts is FWD Platform Based Body

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Well, well, well, what do we have here? Excuse our surprise, but we cannot say that we were expecting to see the next generation of BMW's X1 crossover make such an early appearance in front of our scoop photographer's lens while it was being transferred between the carmaker's testing facilities.

BMW's smallest crossover to date, was only just updated in 2012, three years after it was launched on the market, at which point it was introduced for the first time in North America, but the Munich-based company is already deep into the development of its F48-codenamed successor.

Scoop: Did BMW Clone its X1 Into the China Market Zinoro EV SUV?

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When it comes to China and automotive doppelgangers, it's Chinese manufacturers cloning Western carmakers' models, but what you're seeing here is a European company turning one of its own cars into a Chinese-badged product, in this case, BMW using the X1 as a base for its upcoming Zinoro brand.

At least that's what it looks like because BMW may further alter the design of the car before it reaches production.

Spied: BMW X1 Prototype with Electric Motor Trots Out for Testing

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When the BMW Group took the decision to electrify and hybridize its automobile lineup a few years back, it wasn't playing around.

Today, the Bavarian carmaker offers two pure electric models (albeit only as a lease in limited numbers as trial cars), the 1-Series-based ActiveE and the MINI E, and several hybrids, such as the ActiveHybrid 3, 5 and 7. Later this year, it will enhance its range with the i3 all-electric hatchback and from 2014, with the i8 hybrid sports car.

Consumer Reports Tests the 2013 BMW X1, Isn't Really Thrilled About it

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If you can't wait for the new Touring version of the BMW 3-Series to arrive in the States next month, or simply think that owning a wagon is less cool than owning a crossover, the Bavarian company offers two alternatives: the X1 and the X3. If you see the former on the street, you will be struck by how un-SUV-like it looks.

That's partially due to the fact that the X1 is based on the underpinnings of the previous generation, E91 3-Series Touring, featuring a jacked up suspension and chunkier proportions.

Turn Your Brilliance into a BMW and Your BYD Into a Lexus for as Low As $63 with Chinese Kits

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Chinese carmakers cloning parts or even entire vehicles from Western companies, is nothing new or surprising, though, we will admit to raising an eyebrow when we saw joint-venture partners of European brands blatantly copying their business companion's designs, as was the case with Brilliance and the very BMW X1-like V5 SUV, and BAIC's call-me-maybe Mercedes-Benz B-Class lookalike, the "BC301Z".

Taking advantage of lax copyright laws and a system that turns a blind eye as long as these companies keep up appearances (pun intended) by avoiding the use of names and logos on their vehicles, many Chinese carmakers have managed to get away with it.

BMW's Colorful X1 Concept K2 Powder Ride Slides into the LA Auto Show

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Among the less important/interesting world premieres of the LA Auto Show, is the BMW Concept K2 Powder Ride, which was created in partnership with winter sports equipment supplier K2.

What we have here is a cosmetically modified version of BMW revamped X1 compact crossover, supposedly designed for cold weather sports enthusiasts.

BMW X1 Concept K2 Power Ride and X1 Power Ride Special Edition to Debut at LA Auto Show

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At the same time the new X1 compact crossover begins to arrive in U.S. showrooms, BMW announced the development of two special variants named the Concept K2 Power Ride and X1 Power Ride Edition, both of which will receive their world premiere at the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show at the end of November.

The X1-based Concept K2 Powder Ride was created by BMW in collaboration with winter sport equipment supplier K2 in celebration of their partnership that began in 2009. It blends bespoke exterior and interior features with an exclusive roof structure.

New BMW X1 Compact Crossover Priced from £24,660 in the UK, Available Exclusively with Diesels

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The facelifted BMW X1 will go on sale in Britain this July priced from £24,660 for the X1 sDrive18d. The Bavarian company's Audi Q3 rival features minor exterior styling tweaks combined with a subtlety-refined cabin, a new flagship diesel model and two new trims, Sport and xLine.

Proving the popularity of oil-burners in the UK, the X1 will be offered exclusively with diesel engines topped by the new X1 xDrive25d, which is only available in four-wheel drive.